Sunday, September 04, 2005

9. Simple Prayers

by Suzy Furtah

Water rising everywhere
Making islands of despair

Rooftops turning into piers
Afloat now in a sea of tears...

Daybreak bringing no relief
Only growing pain and grief...

Helplessly, I watch from afar
As distant as a falling star

Unable to extend a rope
To those now drowning without hope

Of course I pray on bended knee
To ease the rampant misery

That threatens to encompass all
And causes even strong to fall

I pray that God will give us eyes
To see the Devil's sharp disguise

For evil comes not from above
Our God is good, our God is love...

Tonight, before we rest our heads
Let's pray for those without their beds

Or clothes or toys or food to eat
Or even shoes upon their feet...

A prayer said with careful word
I promise you, I know is heard...

There's power we can all impart
With simple prayers from the heart...


dolly said...

hi sizy. i am asking your permission if i can include your poem in our departmental newsletter. please let me know if this is okay.

dolly b.
l.a. county assessor's office

Jade said...

Suzie- Do you believe intercessory prayer is heard even if it is spoken more with tears than words? I'm referring to your line of "A prayer said with careful word" heart's breaking, my throat has this huge boulder, and I'm looking through the prisms of tears............