Monday, September 05, 2005

14. Katrina's Wake

by Cheryl B. Sellers

The rain it came, softly falling
Then came the wind, the voice of Mother Nature
She screamed and howled out her pain
Giving birth to the hurricane
Called Katrina

The people did not believe or take heed
Her wetland birth canal had been ripped, sloth off
Gone, no longer able to protect her body shore
Katrina, Oh Katrina exploded in a breached gush

Mother was proud of her new infant Katrina
Moving her north for the rest of the coast to view
Then the people found out, of the sunshine she left -
Came the dark and creeping, bleeding onto the land

Mother nature was still bleeding from her birth
The dark liquid spilled over the levees, isolating and killing
There seemed no escape for the people left behind
No voice had they to be heard, hunger and thirst excelled

Desperation, dirty, hungry and tired, they cried helpless
Shots rang out and still no place could they go to hide
For where Mother Nature left off, evil man took over
Hell fires burn in murky waters as floating corpses rise

Is this my country
Is this my America?


Anonymous said...

thats an okay poem but it kinda doesnt make sense even though it has stuff to do wit hurricane katrina.!

Mary Westbrook said...

Your symbolism of a mother giving birth to her offspring, Katrina, touched me. We see nature as nurturing, mother nature this time destroyed. Your poem tells of the betrayal of nature. Thank you for sharing it so I could read it. Your and others poetry takes me past the pictures the media shows to what it WAS LIKE to experience the storm and what happened afterward.