Thursday, September 08, 2005

24. I'm Still Alive Down In New Orleans

by Sir Charles - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

It might hurt today
But the pain will go away
And for now all might seem lost
But a fighter always finds the way

Even when your back is against the wall
Chained and tormented, beyond belief!
Take what God's given you and yell

Clearly it might seem
Like you are crawling in the dust
Down for the count, strike out, and thrown overboard
A bad luck sign

But you keep coming back
Saying I have Jesus
And then you give
The sky a kiss!

Yes it hurts, and the pain is deep
But I see your face is etched with determination
And besides, the step-down to hell is deep

Thank God I'm still alive down in New Orleans


Anonymous said...

Clearly religion is a source of strength for many in such desperate straits, and I think this poem reflects that well.

Debbie Stevens said...

I must agree with the previous comment and thankyou for reminding the weary, the lost that no matter the sorrow, the heartache, we always somehow manage to rise above~As the death of a loved one can cripple the strongest legs, love also teaches us to walk again-
God Bless