Sunday, September 04, 2005

8. The Widows' Might

by Catherine M. LeGault - Medford, Oregon

The ˜little people" all around the world -
While waters rose and vicious winds unfurled -
Combined to mourn the loss
That sadly came across
The airways as Katrina's anger whirled

They felt so helpless as they watched that scene
Of refugees and plans that might have been
Engulfed in awful pain
Amid the pelting rain
While they sat safely back - but not serene

They resolved to help all those in need
Today is such a time, oh yes, indeed!
Katrina's had her say
And broke a waterway
And left the Gulf Coast there, alone, to bleed!

"What can we do for them?" becomes their cry
"But for God's grace that surely could be I!"
They count their meager wealth
Without a thought for Self
And organize their fellows passing by

"The 'widow's mite' is mightier than the crown"
Whenever there is need, she will come down
Corporations' millions
Even U.S. billions
Do not relate when "little people" drown

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Anonymous said...

Catherine,What a powerfull poem. It just blew me away. Keep up the wonderfull work that your doing with your poerty.