Thursday, September 15, 2005

44. Wondering

by Nathaniel A. Booker, Sr.
(Dedicated to those facing the ultimate test of the human spirit)

I wonder where the love has gone
And is there any left
I wonder where the laughter went
It haunts my every breath

I wonder where the children are
Their toys are strewn about
I wonder where the confidence is
For my heart is filled with doubt

I can't begin to express to you
The deepening pain inside my heart
For we've grown so selfish, we're so undeserving
Of the love that God imparts

I wonder where we'll be one day
When the gold comes to an end
When the water recedes but mankind still bleeds
Will the "Saints Go Marching In"?

I wonder about the elderly
Left alone to die
And why those supposed to care for them
Deny all blame and now cry out, "Why?"

I wonder all these things
And I wonder about myself
I wonder what I can do to help
Or am I no different than anyone else

I wonder where the flowers are
There's too much water for them to bloom
The birds aren't singing, the silence is ringing
And it's the sound of impending doom

I wonder what we'll do
Now that our mortality we're forced to face
Will we grow and change and stop acting deranged
Or will we spiral into chaotic disgrace

I wonder if you're wondering too
"Will we be blessed with more joyous scenes?"
Or will every picture bring back to memory
The tragedy of New Orleans . . .

I Wonder

hellicane category: despair


Anonymous said...

Sad but pretty. My nephew, niece and her boyfriend (police there) showed love and courage saving others though. Some people still care!


Rose said...

Nathaniel Booker is a member of and he found your website through ours. Nat is a gifted writer, thank you for sharing his poem with the world.

Debbie Stevens said...

I wonder why it takes a tragedy to bring people together?? We have always been here yet we distance ourselves without a second thought....a poem of reality! Time the world took a reality check?
Peace & love to all-