Monday, September 19, 2005

62. Your Memory Lives In New Orleans

by Rose DesRochers - Canada

Oh where are you now
All I have left of you are these memories
You couldn't find a way out of here
A lost soul drowned in the rising waters of the tide
A city swept away
God was supposed to conquer the mighty storm
That took your life that day

The heavens opened up with rain
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Your memory remains
Muddy water fills the streets
Night falls, death shadows over humanity
I stand alone, in the midst of New Orleans
Holding on to your memory
For all that remains within the fears and tears

A ghost town comes to life
Somewhere among the clouds above
You will reign in glory
My loss is surely heaven's gain

Your spirit is still here
It will always be near
Somewhere amongst the war zone
Of a frightening site left seen
Someday in my memory
You will walk amongst rebuilt streets
Of New Orleans

hellicane category: despair


Rose said...

Thank you for sharing my poem.:)

Anonymous said...

You have no right talking about Bush! Just get over it! Get you facts right before you say something you don't know anything about. why would you say something like that? Why are you talking about some one mama? Gosh... you suck! I hate your poem! you yankee