Thursday, September 22, 2005

75. Beneath The Painted Cloudy Sky

by Roland R. Ruiz - San Antonio, Texas

Beneath the painted cloudy sky
Burnt by sun rays shining high

Lies a wicked killer storm
Comes by day or night no matter

Evil in its sinister waves
Gives no quarter either way

This wicked, wicked killer storm
Has brought the gulf to bay

Insidious in its crooked ways
Cares not if souls are lost today

It brought a city to its knees
In death and carnage it knows the way

To this we owe to precious few
Who dared to stare its evil eye

And brought the wrath to bay
Now the time to pray has come

To fill the shining painted sky
With love and hope we ask dear God

To heal our loss
And take our pain away

hellicane category: hope


Steve said...

A gorgeous piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

To capture so much with such beautiful's a work of art!

nanaursula said...

You have written such beautiful poems and I cannot really say anything about this piece of art, except - admirable! Ursula