Saturday, September 10, 2005

33. You Think You Are In Charge

by Lashawn Lofton - Louisville, Kentucky

You think you are in charge
You don't even have a clue
Walking around here full of sin
Doing whatever it is you want to do

But, ahhhh, now your eyes have been opened
And now you finally see
That with a stroke of his hands
GOD took away a whole city

A city yes, that was definetly full of sin
And you think this is the end and have no where to run
GOD told me to mention this in my poem
He said "My wrath has just begun"

You can't run from it or even try to hide
Because when you look around you'll see
That your sins are being televised
I pray for the young and elderly

They are the innocent victims here
As a matter of fact I pray for you all
It's not the looters or the rapists
You need to be afraid of

It is GOD you need to fear

So this is your last warning
After this there will be no more
GOD said evacuate to His Superdome
...Or be left standing at the door

hellicane category: faith


Anonymous said...

this is so lame....the religious right need to get a word in

Anonymous said... a Christian, this is offensive. No wonder no one wants to hear about God. Do you realize how abusive this is?

Since when did God buy the Superdome? Musta missed that one...

Anonymous said...

I don't find this poem offensive and I believe it was not to offend anyone. Just a few words to let everyone know we need to get our lives together and stop sinning because we never know when our lives will end and we need to focus our lives towards GOD before it is too late. As far as GOD having a is a metaphor for HEAVEN.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be the most pathetic and sickest less than human piece of crap that has come out in response to the horrible disaster on the gulf coast. To put Gods name on the horrific things that happened at the supper dome and the convention center. Such as the seven year old little girl being ganged raped and her throat slashed. I wish you would bring your poetic self down here to Louisiana. You just might receive the justice you so deserve. You will one day have to answer to one much greater than me. I sure don't want to be in your shoes.

Anonymous said...

I think the poem was beautiful and did not offend anyone in a negative manner affected by the wrath of Katrina or GOD. What ever your religion belief may be if you honestly feel that God is not in control even over horrible events & affects of people who sin you better get to reading the Holy word! The comment section is set up to voice your opinion and we know that every one has one, but to be mean and offensive is ridiculous if you felt offended by this poem maybe you feel guilty of something that can only be handled between you and God. Art is a form of expression so let people do that without being rude and ignorant!
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Isaiah Chapter 3 verse 1-26.
The truth has been spoken through this poem.

Anonymous said...

To the animal that wrote this sick poem, what kind of a name is lashawn anyway. And for those that think this is ok. May you all rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing sick or negative about this poem...the Bible speaks of many warnings in the final days, so what I feel this person is saying, not just to the victims of Hurricane Katrina but through out the world, GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER!! Warnings to name a couple: Hebrews 11:7: "By faith Noah, warned of things not yet see seen", Genesis 19:14: "Lot and his family were warned of the coming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah...if you read your Bible, in the last days there will be many warnings, but few will take heed. To LaShawn!! God bless and keep, I don't see any harn intended here!

Anonymous said...

what is harn?

Anonymous said...

no human knows what Gods intentions were here, but the bible does show us he is a vengeful God. He flooded the entire earth before, killing most everyone and thing, turned people to stone, ordered people to kill their children, did anyone actualy read the OLD testament? We fear his judgement. His is a mighty and loving God. But why do we blame the bad things on him? For every light there is a dark, I usually blame the jerk below for this kinda crap, the storm the violence the rage and craime, that was the devil at work, God is working through all the selfless volunteers and people of tx who open there hearts and homes to strangers. God will heal hearts, the devil will make you more vengeful and hopeless. The Devil ran amuck in the dome, but God was always there, things could have been worse, the water that surrounded them could have taken them

Anonymous said...

oh great
if there doomed and they ran to tx is that why rita is headed straight for them in houston where most of them went?
oh no mr billllllllll