Tuesday, September 20, 2005

69. The Katrina Promise

by Sir Charles - Middletown, Pennsylvania

Stand-alone figure of a man
Who has a reputation of winning

Always rises to the circumstance
Man to call when in a clutch

Drumroll and the heartbeat of a trumpet blast!
Sound of the wind, hurricanes of the past

This time the man doesn't come through
The flood swept everything away
Mama said 'Forget it son - it's another day'

Stiff upper lip and tears well up in the eyes
Careful to be silent, and careful not to cry

The hurt is a burden, and the anger is a flame
What can be said, and what can be done?

To say everything will be alright sounds absurd
What is important is the try
Win, lose or draw - he has nothing to hide

The world might seem against him and all might seem lost
But a survivor always says
'I'm a fighter, and I have God on my side!!!'

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

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