Saturday, September 10, 2005

27. Lives Have Been Destroyed

by Saundra McFarland - Kentucky

Dear Lord in Heaven
Be with all the victims of the hurricane
Their lives have been destroyed
And they are in so much pain
They don't have
A place to call home
They have been separated from their loved ones
And feel so alone

The victims have no where
To lay their head
They are hungry, they are thirsty -
Lord I pray let them be fed

Everything that they owned
Is gone
Oh the images of the children and the elderly and all the victims
Chill me to the bone

Dear God in Heaven
All these people need your help so bad
Their lives have been destroyed -
It is so sad

After all they have been through
Lord I pray they will turn to you
Besides the storm, violence surrounds the streets on which they walk -
And residue

Dear God in Heaven
People are shooting guns
And robbing your children
They have no place to hide

Dear God those horrible monsters
That are causing so much violence
Are molesting little children -
Don't let this situation be kept in silence

Dear Lord I pray
Help these people today
Give them food and shelter
And a place to stay

Dear Lord be with the sick
And weary
Heal their bodies and spirits
So their life won't be so dreary

hellicane category: faith


Anonymous said...

Touching message. Would like to see your rhyming lines more similar in length, otherwise a nice poem.

Saundra said...

thank you done the best I could Saundra M