Tuesday, October 04, 2005

90. Mississippi Gulf Coast: The True Victim of Katrina

Pictured: Beauvoir - the historic last home of Jefferson Davis on the Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi - before & after Katrina

by Cheli Strumila - Gulf Port, Mississippi

My heart is deeply saddened
As I read poems from this site
And listen to the news coverage
On the tv night after night

They all talk of New Orleans
The story's tragic this is true

But New Orleans was a victim
Not of Katrina and her wrath
But of bad decisions in their state government
Who did not put their levees as their Top Priority and task!!

The true victims of Katrina
Lie just to the northeast
Where the entire coastline of the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Has been leveled and destroyed

Beautiful Antebellum homes
Thriving businesses and elaborate casinos
Are nothing but debris and slabs
Or they've floated up the beach
And now call land their home

Lives shattered, loved ones killed
Dreams put on hold as they try to figure out
How will I feed my family, how will I pay the bills!!

We have no one here to help pay our bills for months on end
No one is giving us $2000 just to help get by
If we stayed to help rebuild our coast
We must depend on each other, family and friends!!

Oh but let us not forget, New Orleans evacuees have been given money freely
Set up in housing to help them through
We here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are told we can take out an SBA loan
Which will help keep us even more in debt
Are you getting the picture of who the true victims are yet?

Only parts of New Orleans were flooded
Our entire Mississippi Gulf Coast coastline is destroyed
The French Quarter is back up and running
Our Beautiful Casinos are no more

It will take us years to rebuild
Everything we all worked so hard to build
Over the last 14 years!!

We were the ones hit by Katrina!!
Katrina did not HIT New Orleans!!
Waveland, Pass Christian, Long Beach, Gulfport
Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Gautier and Pascagoula

Remember that those of the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Were the Victims of Hurricane Katrina!!
And of the Media who put more emphasis on a levee
Than the destruction of a Hurricane!!

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Anonymous said...

I understand your anger, beautiful Beauvoir in tatters...I love your area, I am from South La.(Slidell - home gone) but I take trips to the beauty of the Gulf Coast regularly, just to clear my mind. I weep with you at the misery of your pain, but please search inside yourself and see we were ALL hurt, you AND ME. Peace be with you and yours. Blessings your way.

Diamond said...

Were you stranded on the roof of your house for two days with no food or water? Did any of your family members die right in your arms? Were any of your children missing? Were you bought to a filthy evacuation site where there was nothing but dead bodies and hungry people? Can you tell me what it sounds like in the dark when women are being raped and beaten to death? Do you know how it feels to see the well-groomed media recording you drinking there cold water while you haven't eaten or changed your underwear in over a week. Well I can because I am a New Orleans Hurricane Katrina survivor, I was rescued from my roof, I watched my brother die in my arms and at night when the lights went off I was raped and beaten until I couldn't even feel my body. I was seperated from my daughter for a month. Your poem was very upsetting to me, no one in your city was left to fin for themselves, I heard no stories of people being ignored or starved to death at any of your area's evacuation sites. And you mention $2000, what will that do and how long will that last, no money can repay what the City of New Orleans victims have gone through. We lost lives, we lost hopes, and we lost dreams. And what have you lost a damn casino, a beach, a boat. I hope that when you read this it helps you lose your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering us on the Gulf Coast. The media only reports on New Orleans. The people of Mississippi were smart and evacuated when we were told, unlike the ignorant people of New Orleans. NOBODY would have died if you would have listened to the warnings. Mississippians immediatly picked up their lives and started to rebuild. We didn't wait around and try to place the blame on the mayor, governor, or president. We thanked God for keeping our families and friends safe instead. The people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast are amazing, strong-willed people.

Anonymous said...

To Diamond--you should have listened to the authorities and evacuated. Don't say you didn't have a car. The city was taking people out by bus. The Super Dome was having trouble finding parking for the people who came there. And by golly...the Mississippi Gulf Coast lost more than "a damn casino, a beach, a boat." We lost everything. Miles of destruction. Everything from churches to homes to schools.

Anonymous said...

I am from mississippi I live about 120 miles or a little more from the gulf coast and I am on your side the gulf coast was the victims not new orleans and the sad thing is some people on the coast are still living in tents and it has been almost a year and the new hurricane season is already here!!

diamond said...

wutz up im from gulfport mississippi and ifeel yall new orleans didnt get nuthin but da water from katrina but the all ways get water in they city we got the water and the wind and who ever got a problem e-mail me at diamonddomashell@yahoo.com holla