Sunday, October 09, 2005

101. With You In Mind

by Katie Lazette

If I had legs that were very strong
If I had some youth to push me along

If I had the means to feed a lot
If I had a boat to get me to that spot

I would go to the people in distress
I would help do my part in this mess

I would listen to the people who are around
I would give a big hug as I sat me down

A great big smile to go with that hug
I'd bring fresh water free from bugs

I'd bring a batch of brownies too
A yummie gift from me to you

But since I am unable to do these things
I sent a check that will help bring

Food, medicine, hugs and smiles
That will travel across the miles

Little by little the work will get done
Our Military will help till the Victory is won

Our President and Leaders, local people too
Are hard at work just for you

You are not forgotten, you are on our mind
You are in our prayers, you won't be left behind

As a Nation we have all opened our heart
As a Nation, that's the place to start

hellicane category: hope


Kapinsky said...

"Our President and Leaders, local people too
Are hard at work just for you"

The sentiments in this poem, overall, are beautiful, about what you would do if you could. However, I feel the above verse would be contended by many people who went through this crisis and continue to receive less-than-adequate, or nonexistent, service from "Our President and Leaders." But except for that part, I like this poem a lot.

shakti said...

you must be such a lovely person