Friday, September 16, 2005

51. I Need To Write

by Sarah Ciarciuk - Utica, New York

I need to write
'Cause I can't hold this all inside
I've recently realized

I'm not just a poet, but a poet with a mission
When God made me he gave me vision

Blessed to make it, I survive
Wish I could pay with love to fly
To the disaster area underneath God's new angels in the sky
My oh my

Oh my soul
My soul feels like it could explode
I need, NO I want to be there
I would gather all the people I could possibly hold
Hold them in my arms and never let go

Sing them songs of poetry
Sing their tears away
Yearning to pray
I feel like dropping to my knees

I have no funds to send -
My son, 5 years old
Has offered his pennies to send

It's us poor
Who wish we could pour
Out our hearts of gold and strengh of steal
To help them heal

. . . but instead we kneel

hellicane category: hope


Anonymous said...

Your 5 year old son offered what?

Matt said...


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