Monday, September 19, 2005

64. The Jezebel Katrina

by Susan Maree Jeavons

It was a nasty wind that blew
Upon the shore that day
She howled and hissed, but she would not desist
She had to have her way

She was a lady of the night
And she was dressed to kill
She blared and she glared, and she even dared
To do the devil's will

She made her way into the bay
Upon that fateful eve
Inside New Orleans you could hear the screams
Of those who were naive

She ranted, raved and misbehaved
Way past the midnight hour
With her hips swaying and the town folk praying
For the harlot to lose her power

Katrina left the bay at last
Cackling on her way
All that remains are the ungodly stains
Of a lady who went astray. . .

hellicane category: abstract


Anonymous said...

Beautiful artwork and words
very moving and touching

Susan Maree Jeavons said...

Thank you so much for your kind words anonymous! :)