Thursday, September 22, 2005

74. He Who Cares...Wins

by Anthony Turner - Sheffield, UK

Sordid suffering
Sunk in sewage
Porch-less houses
Wrecks and ruins
Bloated bodies
Flesh be stewing
Left to rot
In New Orleans

Social bedlam
Riotous looting
Cops and robbers
All getting their boot in
Left five days
No wonder they're fuming
Government lost
If it ain't shooting

The bottom rung
Couldn't get out
Left to fend
In flood and drought
Just got to get on
No use to shout
Whilst wealthy ears
F*ck about

Fires burning
Under water
Broken fathers
Search for daughters
Rescue crews
With guns so thoughtless
Still living dead
Like lambs to slaughter

Aimless wading
Dreams fast fading
Hopeless homeless
Survival scathing
Drags them under
Darkness waiting

Man at top
Clueless fool
Checking wreckage
Sat on a stool
Soulless sorrow
Cucumber cool
Flesh and blood
Just not a jewel

Excuses fall
Like autumn leaves
To clarify thoughts
Of the bereaved
Floods and tears
Anger breathes
This the freedom
They all seized

Power charges
Into the ring
Box them ears
Make them sing
They've got the fear
You've got the things
You're deep, they're shallow
They hear only ch-ching!

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL


Anonymous said...

I love it! Just the sort of poem is was looking for...Preach! Preach!

Anthony Turner said...

why thank you my anonymous friend :) jus telling it like I see it. take care

RandomPoet said...

This poem is amazing, one of my favorite on this site. It rolls off the tongue and packs an incredible punch. Are you going to submit it for the Hellicane podcast? I bet it will sound awesome spoken aloud by you.

Anthony Turner said...
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Anthony Turner said...

thank you randompoet :) I think I may do that podcast thing - didn't know about it but I do have a voice recorder thing so it is possible :)

thanks again for taking the time to leave a reply - it is very much appreciated :)
(almost forgot to leave a bit of peace for everyone - my'll not happen again)