Thursday, September 08, 2005

23. Garden Tour Cancelled

by Dr. Charles Frederickson

Last day before everlasting fast
Shrove Tuesday excessive indulgent gourmandise
Masked ball carnival tarnished doubloons
Bourbon Streetwise jazz foregone conclusion

Congealed sacrificial voodoo bloodstream staining
Gingerbread palm whitewashed mansion gables
Strewn windswept blossoms premature wilt
Pitiless magnolias rejecting timeless mercy

Tin cup of graciousness empty
Flipped coin faces wiped clean
Indecipherable heads versus tails dichotomies
Picked pockets turned inside out

1 comment:

Mary Westbrook said...

What a striking choice of words full of symbolism, emotion, cynicism, and depth!

Your piece paints vast, epic murials that not only tell depict the entirety of the scenery, but also that of the minute details.

The imagery of the flipping of a coin poignaintly expresses how it seems that some lived and some persihed in the storm.

Your tone is well taken...your anger, disbelief, dashed hopes, shock of the unexpected, as well as your sense of tenderness all are told succinctly.