Monday, September 10, 2007

163. A Hurricane named Katrina

by Roland R. Ruiz
- San Antonio, Texas
In honor of the second anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.

As I look upon the spot I left, just two years ago this month
I see the emptiness before my eyes, and not much has changed at all

A Hurricane named Katrina paid a visit that fateful day
She brought much death, with destruction to those who stayed, and prayed

I was one of many, who decided to leave in haste
For I have seen all this before, in the savage winds of Mother Nature

Her fury, contains no mercy, for those who decide to stay
Leaving all behind, we sought a safer haven, than the one we left that day

With my children, and only memories, we drove from New Orleans in tears
Before the storm came ashore, and raped the city we loved

Now two years have passed, and so much remains the same
The politicians say a great deal, they all mean so well

But just look around, in between the streets, only the dreams remain
Of what this city once was, and now will never be

162. A study of Sun Rays (Crespuscular)


Running to find the end of the rainbow.
Running to find that shaft glory--to be bathed in light.

Bearing the soul to the divine.
Seeking rest, surcease and cleansing all at once.

Faith like a waterfall--full, abundant and never ceasing.