Friday, September 02, 2005

1. Is This My Country?

by PodPoet - San Diego, California

City of my joy, city of my dreams
Under water and forgotten
Corpses floating by
Babies dying
Young and old blacks, old whites

That could be my grandmother
Dead in her wheelchair
Or my brother's corpse
Floating in the water

My President is bragging about his war
Surrounded by white-clad sailors
Spending the night in the white Hotel del Coronado
While blacks, mostly blacks
Suffer and die

The aid trickles in
More die by the hour
Donate to the Red Cross
I do so but feel worthless nonetheless

It is not what I can or cannot do
Do or do not do
That would save those people

It is what my society
My government
My leaders
Are able to do

They disappoint me
And I am ashamed
Of the government
Of the society
I call my own
And am part of
And am at least in part responsible for

I'll become better than that
And settle for nothing less
From those who lead me

Goodbye New Orleans
I'll see you again on the other side of this nightmare

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL


JediPimpz said...

Excellent, read it once and got your point - you made sure of this well.

InsaneReality said...


Wilco said...

Although I find some of the ideas here to be without substance, you expressed your feelings in a way that's at least readable.

Add punctuation throughout...especially in the 5th stanza.

Bethy said...

I loved New Orleans, I was there at last Mardi Gras...It breaks my heart to watch the helplessness, aid is on the way...God Bless

LilMsLadyPoet said...

Very good...and so tragically true! Where was the aid to evacuate them to begin with, before it hit?! They left people there, like sitting disposable ducks! And the cost in lives, time, and the all-mighty dollar would have been far less had they sent in buses to evacuate EVERYONE who was not able to afford to leave. Now look at what it has and will cost!

Isabelle said...

Thank you for this. Well written and heartfelt.

Dave said...

Outstanding poem...heartfelt and true...sad what we've become...5th class society and turning into the laughing stock of the world...sad to say that...being a vet myself...thank you.

Greg said...

Pretty hard to say anything more than Dave already has.

Caro said...

Hi Podpoet

This is a fine poem written from the heart.

I am pleased to say, our country has donated ten million to the Red Cross. We in Australia are sorry to hear about the disaster in New Orleans, but, disappointed to watch the looting, These people are desperate in a desperately sad situation

Go well.

freeperlady said...

You should be damn proud of your country. This is one of the worst disasters to ever hit the Earth and we are evacuating and feeding an entire city, plus other smaller cities and towns. Natural disasters are called disasters for a reason...they are not planned and result in awful situations. That is why they are called disasters.

babechromegirl said...

Katrina was a natural disaster! No one knew how bad it would be but warnings were given! Stop blaming the elected officials for every little thing. Each person is responsible for them own selves. And that poem written was a discredit to this country and to all people.

lonelygirl said...

Beautifully done. I don't agree with some of the things you are saying in this poem but I could feel the emotion and imagine the things that you are saying. Good job!!

Rhein said...

:/ I'd have to agree with one of the random angry criticisms. There are too many poems blaming the officials for every little thing.

It's a shame it took this to make people realise our leadership is a bit flawed-- but what shames us more is the fact there are more important things wrong with our society (spiritually) that no one seems to notice.

Write more about those things. Inspire change.

Allan Ginsberg said...

Personally, I could care less about your politics. The biggest problem here is that your poem sucks. It's adolescent drivel of the worst kind.

Line breaks don't a poem make.

Anonymous said...

Babechromegirl has her thoughts together. She said it all. Just don't think the government should be the one to take responsibility for us all the time. When there is need for immediate action, why not take responsibility for ourselves?

wamblicante said...

God bless you for caring enough to create this site! Feel free to post my stuff from "poetry critical" here. Thank you so much.


A very poignant write. We will ALL be better off with Bush gone. What a wondrous day that will be and what a party we shall have... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Babechromegirl is obviously some hack Rethuglican intern in DRAG.

Hey, Buddy, I thought you Rethuglicans were "Christians"----didn't you know Jesus said we'd be judged by how we treat the LEAST among us? See you in Hell, I guess.

Not to mention this HELL ON EARTH Bush has turned our country into.

Has everyone thanked a Republican today for voting for a MORON?

shakti said...

country blues

gone haywire
big liar
can't inspire
yet people
the quagmire!

Davina Prill said...

Hey just thought Id say our views were much the can read my poem "Katrina took its toll" By Davina Prill

and see what I say about the president there too...

Jeremiah said...

I dug it...especially the black vs. white imagery.

Anonymous said...
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Poetry said...

24 JUne 2007 (even tide)

A study of Sun Rays (Crespuscular)

Running to find the end of the rainbow.

Running to find that shaft glory--to be bathed in light.

Bearing the soul to the divine.

Seeking rest, surcease and cleansing all at once.

Faith like a waterfall--full, abundant and never ceasing.

25 June 2007

Faith like a dream.

Steadfast like a rock among the rapids.

Quickly before the moment has passed

Look into the water and see the gathering malestrom in the deep.

Faith like a million droplets in a summer storm.

Take delight in the rain.

Move and have your being in it.

"Be still and know that I am God."

26 June 2007

Clouds on glass.