Monday, September 05, 2005

12. K a t r i n a - The Hurricane

adaptation by Frank Cannings - Cheltenham, England
(to the tune of Corrina, Corrina by Bob Dylan)

Katrina, Katrina
Gal, what have you done?

Katrina, Katrina
Gal, What have you done?
I been worr'in' 'bout my baby
Since you took my home

I got a mom that's injured
I got a pa that's dead
I got a child that's missing
I got a man that's dead

But I ain't a-got New Orleans
Life don't mean a thing
Katrina, Katrina
Gal, you're on my mind

Katrina, Katrina
Gal, you've done me wrong
I'm a-thinkin' 'bout you, baby
I just can't keep from crying


David E. Patton said...

Its alwways a joy to run across a bit of poetry while blogging alone
I am glad that I came across your site keep the poetry coming
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Katrinaville said...

Katrinaville home to Hurricane Katrina refugees and survivors alike in the United States of America. The President of Katrinaville is none other than George Bush who in his wisdom has allowed the people to starve and has brought shame upon the worlds once greatest nation. He can take care of the people in Iraq. But when it comes to his own he is without a doubt clueless in his inability to bring to this nation a sense of peace. When he himself has only crusade in mind.

Anonymous said...

bush was not the first responder. the mayor should have evac sooner and should have communicated w gov, they disagreed on all decisions, never gave police auth to natl guard, never had evac plan for levee, never planned evac to get out of city for levee prob, there is enough blame to go around here, and it all started with the mistakes mayor nagin made, and is still making, why evac, then bring them back when the failed levee prob is not addressed, when it could give again or flood from rita. why is it pres bushs job to create evac plan for a city below sea level? nagin should have ordered mandatory evac 24-48 hrs sooner, but he did not take the threat seriously until it was too late, his people followed suite. it was his idea to put all those people in the superdome, his job to tell them there would be no food or water for at least 2-3 days, to bring supplies, as per his citys plan, you really should do your research and try watching the world news once in a while.
nagin had to order evac, ask pres to declare state of emergency, ask for troops to be sent in, that is protocolllll, he was in over his head and did a good job deflecting blame, at least among the uneducated