Saturday, September 10, 2005


by Preeti - Detroit, Michigan

Oh Katrina...
A storm which we feared
You came to us and conquered
Your fury was magnificent
But your scorn left us deficient

Oh Katrina...
You filled the bowl up
Left us no grub to sup
Devastated many lives,
Husbands, children and wives

Oh Katrina...
Took away our home
On the streets the orphans roam
You filled my streets with water
Poor grew thin and rich fatter

Oh Katrina...
Their land they had to leave
But you taught us how to give
You left us humans warned
Results of nature scorned

Oh Katrina...
Left Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama bereft
In a retribution so swift
Your violent fury made me see
How much more powerful nature is than me

Oh Katrina...
At 7, at a scale of 5, you hit land
Filled my home with sea and sand
I have no school and no home
I am now living in a leaky dome

Oh Katrina...
I know nature commands, u serve
But this devastation did I deserve
Our elders told us this was a test
But was it survival of the fittest

Oh Katrina...
You who our land sullies
Leaving hoards of displaced families
There is no water to drink,
Though my town is filled with it to the brink

Oh Katrina...
There is debris everywhere
My life is a muddy layer
My neighbor, at you she raves
Her family in watery graves

Oh Katrina...
Don't you worry for me
For I will survive you latest spree
I have help and now will rebuild
For with kindness my people are filled

Oh Katrina...
I don't want you or your siblings back
For all left of my life is a sack
You tried to shake our core
But we are survivors...and you are not welcome here anymore

hellicane category: despair

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