Saturday, September 10, 2005

28. The People Left Behind

by Shara Royer - Beaumont, Alberta, Canada

Signs of the hurt and pain
In the eyes of the beloved people left alive

Tears that flow, like rushing rivers
Cries that are heard, like wolfs howling

So much is lost
The loss of loved ones, life especially
Seeming like all is lost, and can't go on

But watch, the sun rises
A new day that follows brightly
The sun that shines
Giving hope that there can be light
At the end of this dark despair

Rebuilding on what life is left
To remember all what was
And those that fell

Hope to a new life
New beginning, courage, strength
And standing together as one united

As the sun shines on us
The light of hope to greater things

As our hearts beat on
And hearts go out
Life lives on
Stronger than ever

We can go on!
We will!

hellicane category: hope

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Anonymous said...

Not only hurt and pain, also "survivor guilt". My nephew, a policeman, saved lives in New Orleans. But he had friends die too. My sister says that in a way he feels bad they died and he's OK. Yes, I do hope we all find the strength to go on. Thanks for a nice poem!