Monday, September 05, 2005

15. Katrina

by Nelson Ramos

Today; I watched in horror, as my world fell apart
Today; I witnessed the death, of both my father and my mother
Today; I experienced the agony, of having my baby sister ripped from my arms
Today; my entire family was washed away, along with everyone I have ever known or loved.

Today; I died, as the entire world looked on in morbid fascination
Today; the world and I learned how to spell the word Katrina

Katrina; a solid wall of salty water (a massive tear) crashed down upon my world Katrina; will never equal the tears that have been shed, by all of us who have died or of those left behind (the living dead) to bury (us) their dead

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Mary Westbrook said...

Oh, Nelson,
I cannot fathom what life is for you now. I cannot. But this I know, my heart goes out to you; my heart aches for the loss of your family, your home, your life, the place where you conducted your living. I will remember you at night and in the morning when I pray.
may you find comfort in each step you take.