Friday, September 16, 2005

56. Tears

by Pam H. Murray - Canada

In this calm before the storm, how could we know
As the rolling trombone notes began to flow
And laughter rose like flighty chorus lines?
How darkly, now, our memory defines

That scarce is laughter once the dark descends
The trouble is that no one comprehends
How veritably the fear destroys the hope
As water coils its smooth and deadly rope

How compact is a mother's world until
Her loudly beating heart becomes quite still
An extra blessing fills her with delight
She gasps, afraid it's just a trick of light

Then, children gather 'round and through her tears
She knows that God responded to her fears
He kept them safe and brought them to her side
Her heart is full and tears of joy are cried

hellicane category: survival

1 comment:

Debbie Stevens said...

Your words had a huge imapct and truly captured a vivd description of Mother Nature and God working hand in hand~well said!