Saturday, September 10, 2005

29. Special Little Ones

by Shara Royer - Beaumont, Alberta, Canada
(I am a mother and wife, and my heart goes out to all the people affected by hurricane Katrina. I wish to dedicate these poems especially for them, hoping that the words may give some comfort to those in need.)

Small and Precious
Special in every way
And all loved so much

Your bright eyes that shine and twinkle
Like the stars
Your smiles that brighten each day
Like the sun

Ever so little that you seem
You're all courageous and brave

The joys of all of you are so great
The angels above watch over you
To comfort you in times of need
Now and forever
May all your dreams and wishes come true

Because you're all special little ones

hellicane category: tribute

1 comment:

RandomPoet said...

So important that we never forget the youngest, littlest victims of this tragedy. Poems like this will ensure we never do. Thank you.