Friday, September 09, 2005

26. Welcome To John Edwards' Two Americas

by Tony Peyser - Studio City, California

William Rehnquist passed away peacefully
Surrounded by his children at home
As neglected seniors died in wheelchairs
In the hell of New Orleans' Superdome

As this time of horrific upheaval
Sweeps all across our wounded nation
I mourn poor blacks, not this white guy who
Opposed Brown v. Board of Education

hellicane category: political


Anonymous said...

Way to keep your eye on the ball. A devastating perspective and reality that many will overlook and refuse to acknowledge.

Anonymous said...

I think your poem is full of reality although I think it was distasteful to put that picture up there. Lets have a littel respect for those who have passed in this terrible tragedy!

Anonymous said...


Hellicane said...

Regarding the use of this picture, it was chosen because it is one of the few pictures of the dead available that does not show actual bodies or faces, since these victims are both covered.

Anonymous said...

This poem is very ignorant!! How dare you say you mourn POOR blacks but not Rehnquist!!! Quit playing the race card here, people are people!!! Get a life!!

Anonymous said...

Tony you make me sick!!! Such stupidity!!! Yea, get a life creep!!!

Anonymous said...

Rehnquist was a racist of the typical Republican stripe...he made it to the top by denying Blacks votes, and he installed Bush by doing the same. so HE is one of the Five with NOLA's blood on their hands. Good riddance to him. One down, Four to go, I say.

Great poem, as usual, Tony! It made me sick to see the flags at half-staff for the racist fascist and not for Katrina's victims.