Saturday, September 10, 2005

32. Sometimes

by C. M. - Lafayette, Louisiana

Sometimes things happen
That totally change our life
But the Lord is with us
In these times of strife

He feels our pain
As we grope to understand
Yesterday we thought as a child
Today we must grow to be a man

Life isn't always easy
We all have our trials to bare
It's hard to understand
Things don't always seem fair

His grace and his love is with us
Just open your eyes to see
He sent help from all walks of life
He opened the hearts of both you and me

People have opened their homes
Kids giving all that they can
He is with us always
Check the footprints in the sand

He listens to our hearts
And feels each and every tear
Only God has the power to heal us
His grace and love so much bigger than our fear

Sometimes bad things happen
And we feel we've lost our way
If we'd all open our hearts to God
We would hear what He has to say

hellicane category: faith

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Anonymous said...

This is a really nice poem....I have a view point quite like your own. Keep up the good writing... We could use more people like you to spread the word!!!