Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Orleans: A Second Disaster in the Making?

The founder of Hellicane is now pursuing a PhD. in Public Policy and Sustainability at Walden University. This week in my class, "Elements of Sustainable and Livable Communities," I read a passage in a book called Growing Smarter, edited by Robert Bullard, about New Orleans in these years after Hurricane Katrina. It grabbed my attention in a big way. Here is the passage:

It would be good to hear from some residents of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast for their perspectives on the above issues.

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Roland R. Ruiz said...

Congratulations Steve in your pursuit of a PhD, I wish the best for you, I understand what you read from Growing Smarter, but I wonder if another large and dangerous Hurricane were to take the same route as Katrina. Would the levees hold, would the people take heed and leave the city, or would it all be for naught, and the same problems come to haunt New Orleans once again. Not much time left in this Hurricane season, so New Orleans area should escape this question for another year, but still I wonder...your friend from San Antonio....Roland..............