Thursday, October 27, 2005

116. The Deluge Of New Orleans

by Barclay Kenyon - America

"Shoot into the sky, burn the city to the ground" - Anon. N.O.

When the rains came, and the walls collapsed under
the lash of some furious tongue of hurricane song
We were left clinging to rooftops, strung up on the bridges
watching alligators accomodate those cats and corpses.
Watching the burning sun steal out our breath.
The glass streets of the Quarter, of Chartres and Bienville soaked
With muddybottom and crayfish; the harbor doomed.
The deep trombones resound beneath the water
to send along the coffins yet again
by light of a mockingbird moon.

Look-a-here, we thought, you could come and
save us from our tumultuous home-
Our home we said for all of time. Don't let us
be buried here in your imaginations. Act now.
You won't regret it; we'll give you our song...

The mystery deepens, like Gamorrah, and our town begins
to haunt the American sleep. Oh man,
we have always lived in your dreams
but now this bitch, this Katrina, this killer come on down
with her howler monkey song and broad dampening skirts
has brought us so low
that we may never make it to the table again.
We're wading now with prickly eyes to the window
just to see them X-cross an old floater. Our young are shocked
with confusion at the silence, and the lies.
Cars grow on sycamore trees. Houses flow by like fallen leaves.
You'll remember us, dreaming, you will
even if you cannot save us now.

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

115. Gulf

by yukti - India

they have their war
we have our storm
taking the innocents

whole gulfs apart
we are engulfed together
as one

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

114. And They Knew

by Melba Scott (a.k.a. Epiphany) - Riverside, California

It is a wind that blows no one some good...
but conniving treachery - the illest wind by far


“Papa Legba, ouvrier barriere por moi passer”













Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

113. How Did It Happen? And How Will It End?

by Tricia Rinkel - Defiance, Ohio

How did it happen?

It was late August when it was reported
“Leave now! Leave now!” as houses were boarded

The city of New Orleans and surrounding areas too
Were scared and nervous – what should they do?

The warnings came again that one late afternoon
“Leave your home! Leave your home! And leave it soon!”

Big or little, rich or poor
“Go now, go now, right out your door!”

Dogs, cats, disabled and black
“Leave now, leave now – there is no time to pack!”

The prediction did seem to be somewhat insane
What was expected? A category 4 hurricane!

It would be a disaster – and this time – no one to blame
For all of the suffering, heartache and pain

Most took it seriously
And headed out fiercely

Some went North, some East and some West
Staying with family they thought would be best

Many followed the orders, demanded by State
“Report to the Superdome – you cannot afford to be late!”

This was a dome – and for days, their home
Surrounded by thousands, yet all alone

Whipping winds first blew stronger and stronger
In time they knew it wouldn’t be much longer

White-peaked waves came in harder – then higher
A disaster is tragic whether wind, water or fire

The pressure from Katrina caused the levees to break
And water rushed in, the city — a lake

Believe it or not, some people did stay
To ride out Katrina on that awful, terrible day

Reality began when Katrina reached their toes
Within minutes, it was even – right with their nose

The people were stuck with just one place to go
So they climbed to the top, it was the attic they chose
Where they hammered and chiseled their worries and woes

With such disbelief as they climbed to their roof
They opened their eyes to an instant – POOF!
Blinking, rubbing and thinking -- maybe a goof

But, no, no goof, what was it that they saw
Not a city – no – not a city at all

No buildings, no churches, no stores or stations
No homes, no restaurants or a place for a vacation

And back to the stadium, it turned into violence
As our nation stood back in awe and in silence

Looting, hurting, shooting, no doubt
Surviving, living, that’s what it’s about

Everything destroyed in Katrina’s path of destruction
That only support and love to help build new construction

Even one’s pride they choose to hide
As they bury their heads to cry inside

As they must go on with what’s on their backs
They place all they own in one small sack

Now – that is how it happened...
But now, how will it end?

Loved ones are gone, and people left bare
But no time is given for grief and despair

There is no time to sit back on your lazy chair
Let’s embrace our nation and show that we care

What can we do? Where should we start?
It doesn’t really matter, just give from the heart

If you have that desire to help and pitch in
Maybe you can start in your very own kitchen

Search high, search low
Maybe send them some “dough”

Look in, look out, you can look all around
Let’s get this message flowing through our town

Love and prayers is what we can send
And anything we find, we are willing to lend

Because working together in helping things mend
That in itself – is how it will end

Friday, October 21, 2005

112. Why Are You Here?

by Susan Miller - Hollywood, Florida

Katrina or Rita - what’s in a name
Preparing for any is one and the same
Continuous storms threaten some Florida town
One may huff, one may puff, one may blow your house down

Trim a tree. Hang holly. Thanksgiving turkey
Halloween costumes and decorations you see

Everywhere, just look up your street
The ghosts and the goblins cannot compete

With Hurricane Wilma - now that’s what I fear
Enough is enough - we don’t want you here

Sunday, October 16, 2005

111. Golden Door

by Dominique - Los Angeles, California

But in the dream, you do not leave us
Instead as we are sinking, sinking
You dive down to us in the mournful black
Water, and pull us up into sweet air, up to the rising sun
Up to America

In this dream, you cannot leave us
Something holds you and keeps you there
Until all souls, all souls are remembered
Until finally love, love
Only love

Brings us all the way back home

Friday, October 14, 2005

110. The Unexpected

by E. - 9th grader - Harrison, Arkansas

People thought Katrina
would miss her mark

When she was over
Most people were in difficult positions

People went out to see what damage
She left behind for them to clean

A boy lost his home he didn’t know what to do
without his mother, sister, brother, or father

A woman wouldn’t have anyone to keep her company
Her husband died of cancer, with flies and people to smell the
death of him and others that died as well

Why couldn’t some of the people leave when they had a chance to, instead of 710 people to die for a total?

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

109. Katrina

by T. - 9th grader - Harrison, Arkansas

Winds a howlin’ people dyin’ rain drops a droppin’
Make waves filling up the city and killing people

Lifting casino motels off the ground and throwin’ them across town
Killin’ everyone in its path

Cars floatin’ around with people still inside them
Breakin’ the walls that held in the sea

I watched the news and saw the tide of death and destruction left by Katrina
The worst hurricane ever

hellicane category: despair

108. The Unspeakable

by J. - 9th grader - Harrison, Arkansas

Savage winds powerful rain making lives joyless
People feeling Godforsaken
Young ones frightened
Aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, all devastated
Unusual things have happened, unspeakable things
Everyone trying to help, being reliant, but panic-stricken
Lives are broken into pieces smaller than an atom
Everyone bewildered and loved ones lost
Many lonely, many dead
Some weak like they can’t carry on
But there comes a time in every person’s life
Where they need to forget what happened
And never underestimate Mother Nature

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

107. Untitled

by K. - 9th grader - Harrison, Arkansas

Frightened Katrina victims
Homes are destroyed, broken into pieces

Devastated Katrina victims
Families split up by death
Leaden spirits roam around looking for their families

Fear swims through the people as they look for loved ones

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

106. Hurricane Katrina

By S. - 9th grader - Harrison, Arkansas

Lives were destroyed
Houses were demolished
Will there ever be hope?
Will New Orleans ever be again?

Children were terrified
Many people are upset
People, children, and pets are homeless
Will this crisis come to an end?

Deceased people laying everywhere
In the debris from Hurricane Katrina
Shocking news that no one can believe
Why has this happened to these people?

People acting foolishly
But rescuing people as well
But is this gonna help,
Or are more going to die?

People were cold-cocked by Katrina
Left moneyless, homeless, and hopeless
The people are depressed and very emotional
Thinking, Why did this happen to me?

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

105. Hurricane Victims

by S. - 9th grader - Harrison, Arkansas

A sea of heartbroken faces
Grief and sorrow filled the watery streets
People’s worried voices and cries filled the town
Muddled cries of babies could be heard through the frightened voices
People roamed the streets defenseless and low
Some were grateful to have found their family and friends
A lot lost everything they ever had
Hopeless and sleepy, Katrina’s victims searched for families
And abandoned their old lives and everything they ever knew
Some wished that it was just a nightmare
And will wake up and they will still have their loved ones right beside them
Lives ruined, hope for starting a new life swam through their hearts

hellicane category: despair

104. Katrina

by K. - 9th grader - Harrison, Arkansas

Kids hopeless and homeless
All feel misplaced and neglected
Terror, fright, and horror surround
Restless, spiritless, helpless
Ignored, struggling families
New Orleans, never forgotten
Anxiety and depression fill the air

hellicane category: despair

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

103. Seen

by K.

Boats sailing on land
Bodies floating like dead fish
Houses bulldozed over by Mother Nature


An enclosed field of imitation dwellings
Staircases leading to nothing
Horizontal trees

An endless river of motionless cars breaking away from obliteration
Only to come back to desolation

Monday, October 10, 2005

102. Rita Is Her Name

by Roland R. Ruiz - San Antonio, Texas

There is an old saying I truly believe
That says God moves in mysterious ways
I always wondered why
How true the saying has evolved today
As nature reaps its wretched ways
Upon our troubled times
So now we have another storm
The gulf has brewed again
Her name this time is Rita
And death does ride her wake
Is this God's way of testing souls
Only he knows for sure
So prepare yourself, for what's to come
When Rita comes ashore
If it's his will that I should die
I ask dear God to forgive the sins
That reside so deep within
For when I enter my home in heaven
As God has washed me clean
Then I'll know the answer
To the old saying, I truly believe

hellicane category: faith

Sunday, October 09, 2005

101. With You In Mind

by Katie Lazette

If I had legs that were very strong
If I had some youth to push me along

If I had the means to feed a lot
If I had a boat to get me to that spot

I would go to the people in distress
I would help do my part in this mess

I would listen to the people who are around
I would give a big hug as I sat me down

A great big smile to go with that hug
I'd bring fresh water free from bugs

I'd bring a batch of brownies too
A yummie gift from me to you

But since I am unable to do these things
I sent a check that will help bring

Food, medicine, hugs and smiles
That will travel across the miles

Little by little the work will get done
Our Military will help till the Victory is won

Our President and Leaders, local people too
Are hard at work just for you

You are not forgotten, you are on our mind
You are in our prayers, you won't be left behind

As a Nation we have all opened our heart
As a Nation, that's the place to start

hellicane category: hope

Saturday, October 08, 2005

100. Katrina

by Rebecca L. Moyers

You took away my memories
You took away my past
You took away the old oak trees
You drown them in your path

I used to play at Ponchatrain
Building castles in the sand
And watched the dancers in the street
Holding onto Daddy's hand

But you took away my childhood
And covered it in mud
You took away my happy days
And tainted them with blood

You took away my memories
You washed them from my sight
You took away my happy dreams
And turned them into fright

Give it all back to me
Build it like before
Make it like it used to be
So I can dream some more

hellicane category: local color

99. The Day The Levee Broke

by Dawn Matley Maselli

August 2005
Hurricane Katrina
Wanted no man alive

The Good Ol Boys
Said Head to the Dome
For those who can't get out on your own...
And they left us here all alone

And we are prayin'

We are the United States
We will brave the wind, the storm
Ann the man-made mistakes

The storm stole all our material things
But we're grateful
For the hope that life brings
Yes, we are grateful for the hope that life brings

And now we're waitin'

August 2005
Levee gave way
Wanted no man alive

Water rising all around us
Who has got a cell phone?
Man, they left us here all alone
They left us here on our own.

But, we're still prayin'

We are the United states
We braved the storm, the levee
And the man-made mistakes

Can't let child see dome - horrible things
But I'm grateful for the hope
That life brings
Yes, I'm hopeful for the hope that life brings

And now we're waitin'

The Dome is dark and all are scared so
Mama's gettin' weak cuz her sugar is low
Whispers don't let child see me go
But child knows when mama goes
A child always knows when Mama goes

And now we're grieving

Sorrow that washes despair
Tears sheddin' natural wash - mama here
All the reasons to US are unknown
Father, take her to your heavenly home
Father take her to you heavenly home

And now we're reeling

Next day no water supply
Child looks up to me with searchin' eyes
"Daddy I'm thirsty" in a weak voice
To a papa - I don't have no choice
The Good Ol Boys can't her her voice

And now I'm looting

I survived the tragedy
Now I got to do right by my family
How exactly grateful do you want me to be?
Life's force caused my destiny
And I'm gonna do right by baby

And now I'm fightin'

Child lost mama, her strength and her home
Plans out there made but we're all alone
Mama's not here no more in the Dome
This shelter is her resting stone
Babies Blanket is her resting stone
Baby stroking the resting stone

And now we're prayin'

September 2005
We're doin' our best just to survive
Please cry baby so I know your alive
This is changing me deep down inside
We're all changing way deep down inside

And now I'm angry

Takin' babies and wives from the man
Never thought this could happen in Our Free Land
Can't get my head around it to understand
Chaos everywhere here for the man
Just gotta do the best that I can

They say I'm looting

Cameraman and the news on TV
Film me taking supplies for baby
How exactly grateful do you want me to be?
While your watchin' me on your TV
They call me looter and Refugee
Darlin, looter and a Refugee

But I'm still prayin'

Bad water surrounds little ones
I know New Orleans has mightier sons
We're takin' water, food and some meds
Surviving in this homestead
My shoulder now is baby's bed
Strong shoulders now for baby's bed

And I'm still hopeful

Go ahead and call me Refugee
A looter, a black man that you see on TV
But I'm no Good Ole Boy judging from a safe place
I'm a papa lookin' in baby's face
A widowed papa lookin' in baby's face

And now I'm prayin'

We are the United States
Braved wind, water, and the man-made mistakes
Katrina came and slapped the Dome's nose
We survived, then filthy water rose
At least we're together I suppose
I need strength God only Knows

And now I'm hopeful

Baby clinging to me for life
Got to hang on cuz I promised my wife
I'm a good Papa and a God-lovin' man
And I'm a damn good American
Yes, I'm a damn good American

So we sit here in this filth for awhile
Don't judge US - cuz we're all God's child
I lived through this tragedy
With what's left of my family

I'm grateful for the life of baby

And now I'm thankful
Those who saw the reality
Of people caught up in this tragedy
Forced the country with stategy
Forced the help to come for my baby
I'm as grateful as a man can be

And now I'm grateful

Neighbor forced them to get up and DO!
Showed the Good Ol Boy what I already knew
Said if TV can get in so can you
Not just a good TV crew
If one can get in so can you
What one man can do
Another can do

We are the United states
Neighbors prayin' and angry bout man-made mistakes
Got to save the child for God sakes
To save my family this is what it takes
Thank you lord and the United States

I thank you neighbor

Pray for me and the child
I'll be grateful for your love for awhile
Remember I'm the writer
And the reader will sound
And in this we're forever bound
Yes, in this we are forever bound

And we're still prayin'...

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

98. New Orleans: A Vow Can't Laugh

by Dan Cuddy - Baltimore, Maryland

wind has taken the roof
the house is a boat
the TV is out
the neighbors are logs floating away

can't laugh

gods, demons, one and the same
howling indifference
as children stare
from out of a cocoon of blankets
the auditorium restrooms have lines
and rest? there is none
and room? there is none

can't laugh

no jokes in the wind
a child turns pages of Dumbo The Flying Elephant
the Governor declares disaster
the waters of life drown the jazz

Mardi Gras?
t-shirts, naked tits, drunks, songs
Lent will be longer than 40 days, 40 nights

but we'll celebrate
we'll celebrate

like the waters will recede
we'll laugh again

tell us something funny

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

Friday, October 07, 2005

97. Kat

by Shirley K. Campbell - Shreveport, Louisiana

Kat komme
Krazy kat
Kick Kween
Off map

King Kreole
Say skat Kat
Kween krawlin’
Rat back, say

Where y’at
Now meow
Kitty kitty

hellicane category: abstract

Thursday, October 06, 2005

96. All We Can Keep Is Hope

by Andrea Spence (age 15)

Late August, 2005 a storm stirs up in the ocean blue
It happened so fast, nobody knew

The winds strong, and bold
The humidity no longer hot, but cold

Waves as high as homes
People were scarred, all bunched up in Domes

Water flooding left to right
Saviors chanting your ok just sit tight

She calls her self Katrina, striking fear in many
Everything was gone, nothing left - not even a single penny

Some had died and got their wings
Left this world as if their feet had springs

Children crying themselves to sleep
They have no Teddies to help count the sheep

New Orleans will never forget this - nobody will
God, we only ask that You take their empty cups, and fill

What's that you ask?

Do these people have food? Water? Nope
All we must keep is Hope

hellicane category: survival

95. New Orleans

by Amy P. - Destin

Flooded New Orleans means
No more good rice and red beans

Fewer feet
On Bourbon street

Stuff happens to make the blues
Maybe not what we choose
Don't want to lose

All our stuff
And see the neighbors getting tough

Those who survived
Got out alive
Could drive

While superman loses his cape

Rape, murder and looting
Taxpayers shooting
Uncle Sam rooting

For the war

I mean the Gulf Coast
While drinking champagne and offering a toast

To all those cats on hot tin roofs
What more proof

Do we need
You know greed

Is starring in this arena
Executive powers co-produced, directed by Hurricane Katrina

hellicane category: political

94. The American Spirit - Katrina

by Darren Sardelli - Smithtown, New York
(Note from the author: "Many Americans have done extraordinary things to help the victims of Katrina. Katrina may have knocked us down, but she won't keep us down. Americans from all across the country have been deeply affected by this tragedy. I am proud of every American for their help and support. Please share this poem with family and friends.")

Katrina brought disaster
She caused a lot of grief
She showed the world destruction
And pain beyond belief

Katrina split up families
She knocked their houses down
She took all their possessions
And pulverized their town

Some women lost their husbands
Some husbands lost their wives
Some people lost their neighbors
Some children lost their lives

Katrina's winds were massive
They took some heavy tolls
She may have caused catastrophe
But deeply touched our souls

She brought us all together
United, here we stand!
Our people heard a cry for help
And lent a helping hand

We reassured the victims
That help was on the way
We're doing all that we can do
To brighten up your day

Katrina may have knocked you down
But we will pick you up
She may have taken all your food
But we will fill your cup

You know you can rely on us
We'll be your shining sun
We Are One Nation Under God
United We Are One!

hellicane category: hope

93. Death...Katrina

by Sajid Ghazi - Pakistan
(Note from the poet: "I would feel pleasure to post my poem, as it would convey the sentimental message our nation has, on a humanitarian basis, for our bros and sis's in New Orleans and the affected states of the USA.")

I am death, destroyer of worlds -

I raged gravely through New Orleans
And shattered everyone alike
From magnate to pauper
Regardless of race and age
And invaded like a caravan
Of screaming winds
Torrential rain
And crushing waves
By the name of Katrina

92. The Corpse On Union Street

by Anonymous

The corpse on Union Street
Has lain there long enough to petrify
Knees under tarp & naked feet

National Guard on the looter beat
Cross themselves when they go by
The corpse on Union Street

One took a picture: there is no delete
No do-over, for this poor guy -
Knees under tarp & naked feet

Four days left just like the meat
Stinking up the market nearby
The corpse on Union Street

Is the flag of its, his own defeat:
A gun, not the storm, made him lie
Knees under tarp & naked feet.

Leave him under that blue pastic sheet
Let the living leave the dead to die:
The corpse on Union Steet
Knees under tarp & naked feet

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

91. September Storms

by Roland R. Ruiz - San Antonio, Texas

Moments of thankfulness sometimes go unnoticed
When times of terror grip our land

In September of this year
Storms have battered our beautiful shore
Along the western gulf

So many people have lost their homes
Or even worst their souls

Storms will mar this calendar year
For all time to come

Now what's left is hope and prayer
Dear God we ask of you

Please help the souls that have survived
To find another life and home
Within your gracious land

With help from the flock you left untouched
Who still have home and soul
Make this moment of thankfulness last forever more

hellicane category: hope

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

90. Mississippi Gulf Coast: The True Victim of Katrina

Pictured: Beauvoir - the historic last home of Jefferson Davis on the Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi - before & after Katrina

by Cheli Strumila - Gulf Port, Mississippi

My heart is deeply saddened
As I read poems from this site
And listen to the news coverage
On the tv night after night

They all talk of New Orleans
The story's tragic this is true

But New Orleans was a victim
Not of Katrina and her wrath
But of bad decisions in their state government
Who did not put their levees as their Top Priority and task!!

The true victims of Katrina
Lie just to the northeast
Where the entire coastline of the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Has been leveled and destroyed

Beautiful Antebellum homes
Thriving businesses and elaborate casinos
Are nothing but debris and slabs
Or they've floated up the beach
And now call land their home

Lives shattered, loved ones killed
Dreams put on hold as they try to figure out
How will I feed my family, how will I pay the bills!!

We have no one here to help pay our bills for months on end
No one is giving us $2000 just to help get by
If we stayed to help rebuild our coast
We must depend on each other, family and friends!!

Oh but let us not forget, New Orleans evacuees have been given money freely
Set up in housing to help them through
We here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are told we can take out an SBA loan
Which will help keep us even more in debt
Are you getting the picture of who the true victims are yet?

Only parts of New Orleans were flooded
Our entire Mississippi Gulf Coast coastline is destroyed
The French Quarter is back up and running
Our Beautiful Casinos are no more

It will take us years to rebuild
Everything we all worked so hard to build
Over the last 14 years!!

We were the ones hit by Katrina!!
Katrina did not HIT New Orleans!!
Waveland, Pass Christian, Long Beach, Gulfport
Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Gautier and Pascagoula

Remember that those of the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Were the Victims of Hurricane Katrina!!
And of the Media who put more emphasis on a levee
Than the destruction of a Hurricane!!

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

89. Troubled Times

by Barbara Ann Smith

In these troubled times
I reach out to You to grant strength
Comfort and guidance to those left
Abandoned, helpless and feeling doubt
Almighty One, You came as a light
Into the world, that whosoever believes
Should not abide in darkness
Let Your light shine
Like the brightness of a midday sun
Enveloping Your people
Under Your mighty arms
And lift them up to see Your light
And to feel Your presence

hellicane category: faith

88. Love Letter To Nagin

by Joanna Parsons - San Jose, California

Mayor, come outside
Eyes wide, collapse to your knees in sobs
Of the background you once called your city
Dreaming of prophecy – pages in Scripture
Speak of desolation
“Everything is desolate and displaced – widows
Mourn and children weep!”
Desolation, not of Jerusalem or Judah
But of New Orleans

Mayor, sank to the ground in racking cries
Heard from the radio –
“My city’s gone!”
Woken in the wraith of fury
Of a bi-polar wicked woman named Katrina

Mayor, pray to the Almighty
Anger in the form of blame –
Toward a bush who can only do so much
Rages of the displaced and starved
Judgement. Tribulation. Justice. Trial

Mayor cries, black and proud
This is now an infamous memory of an African-
American generation – a story to be told
And passed down to generations:

“My child,” they’ll say to little ones not yet born
“I remember those days, when dogs whined and
Our town sank like the Titanic
A judgment from God? I say, a judgment of the sin
In the French quarters...or maybe we experienced the
Power of evil
Or wraith in the form of a hurricane!”

Mayor weeps, 'cause all things desolate, and the ground
Wallows under sludge and debris, and all hope is dashed –
For now

Cry to the Almighty and wonder
Why this? Why now? How could this be?!
He sobs
As New Orleans lies underwater
Disasters everywhere are getting larger
An incomprehensible sign of things to come
Fear and the burden of those hurting weigh like brick
On your heart, and tears fall like rain
For those scorned by her fury

And then He says to you
“Let your heart not be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me.”
In My Father’s house are many rooms, if it weren’t so, I would tell you
Mayor, be humble, seek God, repent and he’ll lift you
I will go and prepare a place for you
Hope will rise

Images of trueness of bureaucracy
Which alienated them for their dark skin
Beautiful black faces full of fear and trepidation
In a hellhole called the Superdome
But rescued by the colorful people of the rainbow

Mayor, rise to your knees
Like prophecy in the bible, it will rise again
And be bathed in God’s righteousness like a warm sun

Mayor, rebuilding will begin!
“My city is emerging!”
Lessons learned in the form of hundreds saved by Him
Salvation came through tragedy
Love given through wrath
Warning given in love –
Shake them now, to keep them from something
Eternally more horrid than a city submerged
In bleak water

Mayor cries before the sign of his cherished city
And nations rushed to your side
And there you see restoration, spiritual salvation, Christ’s body
In action – love in action
And rejuvenation on the brink of horizon

See, mayor, see
Beyond those deceitful levees and your trust in man
See into the eyes of the Risen One who can save you
See the rejuvenation
Of your cherished city
On the brink of horizon

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

87. Prayer For The Evacuees

by Agatha Weeks

I can see at a distance - heartaches, city ruins
Devastations of good times once had - but yet
I choose to gaze into the distant future
Where I envision busy sidewalks, renovated buildings
Smiling faces, instead

As I look into the barren streets
Where now instead the stagnant waters flow
I hear the moaning cries of people hurting so
But yet, I choose to think about the day when
Rescue comes my way, mending hurts
Reuniting families again someday

As I see the helping hands of Angels mend
The hurting hearts of those who've lost family and friends
But yet, I can't help but wonder why
Our Almighty Father allows his children to suffer and die
But then I look into the past of years gone by
Seeing how God, our Heavenly Father
Allowed his very own son to die

So God, grant me the faith to better understand
That my heartaches are a part of your great plan
Help me be thankful of angels sent
To aid me in my time of need, and not resent them
Help me not blame others for my pain
But rather give me the courage to accept what I can't change

Do not allow evil to devour me from within
Leaving my doubting, weary soul darkened to sin
For Satan preys on the weakened soul
As it wallows in self-pity and grows cold
So God, grant me the strength I need to carry on
And the faith I need to mend
So that I can take up my cross and follow you

In God's name I ask...


hellicane category: faith

86. Katrina & Her Sister Rita

by Carol Vanpell - Fort Worth, Texas

Sister Katrina what have you done?
You rolled over New Orleans like Attilla the Hun

They knew you were coming, but some did not heed
And now that you're done, they wish they could leave

Your mother, Ms. Nature, your brother the sea
Both helped you destroy New Orleans

One thousand are dead and more are dying
The suffering is immense and children are crying

Although your eye was on Biloxi and Mobile
The nation's eye was our New Orleans

As your victims gathered for relief
The world watched in disbelief

Fingers pointed and searched for blame
Our enemies gloated and yelled “shame!”

Our people responded with love and care
And showed the world that we are there

Now your sister Rita follows in your wake
But you taught us lessons of precautions to take

Millions will flee your sister's path
Now they understand your Mother's wrath

hellicane category: hope

85. Through A Child's Eye: Hurricane Katrina

by Jodi & son Trevor (age 8) - California

In the calm before the storm
How were we to know
Hurricane Katrina
The wrath of all storms

With the wind and the rain
The flooding and the pain
It happened so fast
Many passed
Hurricane Katrina
The wrath of all storms

Children were crying
People were dying
Water flooding left and right
Saviors chanting just sit tight

She called herself Katrina
Passing not fast
New Orleans will never forget
Hurrican Katrina
The wrath of all storms

hellicane category: despair

84. True Colors

by Eve Hall - Atlanta, Georgia

Our lives have changed because of terrorism
Some changes have been for the good, some for the bad
Why does it always take a tragedy like this
For ones to come together in unity and peace?

Some make changes for a day, a week, a month
Then they go back to their true colors
Of being unkind, uncaring, unloving
What is wrong with this picture?

Are we part of the problem or the solution?
Let's look into our hearts and souls
Root out all the evil - it's not too late
Do it while there is still time


hellicane category: hope

Monday, October 03, 2005

83. Shelter With Love

by Debbie Stevens - Australia

For every heartache
Let love have a say
For every lost soul
Let love find its way

For all tears cried
Let love wipe dry
For every plea for help
Let love not hide

If love is all we have to give
Let it go
Let love be the helping hand
Let your love show

Let it reach the heavens
Let it lighten the load
Love is a shelter
Let us build it a home

hellicane category: hope

82. Hurricane Katrina Update

by Tony Peyser - Studio City, California

Over eleven hundred dead
More than one million displaced
The frail in wheelchairs abandoned
FEMA did not act in haste

The writing wasn’t on the wall
But on the roofs of the people stranded
Will there be a real probe into this?
Bush still remains less than candid

The man once in charge testified
And his answers were emphatic:
He blamed each and every problem
On politicians Democratic

Cheney’s pals all got contracts
A license to steal and to rob
Yeah, Brownie, Bush was right:
You did a heckuva job

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL