Saturday, October 08, 2005

100. Katrina

by Rebecca L. Moyers

You took away my memories
You took away my past
You took away the old oak trees
You drown them in your path

I used to play at Ponchatrain
Building castles in the sand
And watched the dancers in the street
Holding onto Daddy's hand

But you took away my childhood
And covered it in mud
You took away my happy days
And tainted them with blood

You took away my memories
You washed them from my sight
You took away my happy dreams
And turned them into fright

Give it all back to me
Build it like before
Make it like it used to be
So I can dream some more

hellicane category: local color


Roland R. Ruiz said...

Becky, what a lovely thought put to words about a terrible storm, that layed waste, to a beautiful city. And the destrution in death to its people, and the city they lived in...............beautiful write, thanks for sharing........

shakti said...

this too shall pass and you will dream again
will keep you in my prayers