Tuesday, October 04, 2005

87. Prayer For The Evacuees

by Agatha Weeks

I can see at a distance - heartaches, city ruins
Devastations of good times once had - but yet
I choose to gaze into the distant future
Where I envision busy sidewalks, renovated buildings
Smiling faces, instead

As I look into the barren streets
Where now instead the stagnant waters flow
I hear the moaning cries of people hurting so
But yet, I choose to think about the day when
Rescue comes my way, mending hurts
Reuniting families again someday

As I see the helping hands of Angels mend
The hurting hearts of those who've lost family and friends
But yet, I can't help but wonder why
Our Almighty Father allows his children to suffer and die
But then I look into the past of years gone by
Seeing how God, our Heavenly Father
Allowed his very own son to die

So God, grant me the faith to better understand
That my heartaches are a part of your great plan
Help me be thankful of angels sent
To aid me in my time of need, and not resent them
Help me not blame others for my pain
But rather give me the courage to accept what I can't change

Do not allow evil to devour me from within
Leaving my doubting, weary soul darkened to sin
For Satan preys on the weakened soul
As it wallows in self-pity and grows cold
So God, grant me the strength I need to carry on
And the faith I need to mend
So that I can take up my cross and follow you

In God's name I ask...


hellicane category: faith

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