Thursday, October 06, 2005

91. September Storms

by Roland R. Ruiz - San Antonio, Texas

Moments of thankfulness sometimes go unnoticed
When times of terror grip our land

In September of this year
Storms have battered our beautiful shore
Along the western gulf

So many people have lost their homes
Or even worst their souls

Storms will mar this calendar year
For all time to come

Now what's left is hope and prayer
Dear God we ask of you

Please help the souls that have survived
To find another life and home
Within your gracious land

With help from the flock you left untouched
Who still have home and soul
Make this moment of thankfulness last forever more

hellicane category: hope


Anonymous said...

Wow...this poem has touched my heart. Who can feel the emotion, the pull of life? Thanks for sharing your words...I have found comfort in such a reassuring way!

nanaursula said...

Living far away from such disasters, still I can imagine and feel the horror the people go through if hit by such natural catastrophs. And even from a far I shall join you all who pray for security and the blessing of no battle like it tragically happened.
Your poem is wonderful! Ursula