Tuesday, March 27, 2007

161. The Old Songs

by  Karla Dorman
- Burleson, Texas

The old songs
sing the pain
I have seen lately,

penning its
path on my
face in wrinkled lines

of writing ...
of life you can read.

You know the
lyrics as
well as I do and

sing along ...
our tears flow
together and flow

in measured
rhythms of
collective sadness.

160. Watching The Music Leave

by Karla Dorman - Burleson, TX

dare i celebrate
(in true mardi gras style),
while others wait
in deepenin shades of sorrow?

(second lines of hot/
hungry/thirsty/weary folk
watch the music leave
the quarter they sang about,
notes of purple/green/
yellow abandonin the
city they once loved,
wonderin if they'll have a
home to go home to.)

and all i can do
is sit in air conditioned
comfort, writin sad
poems of my own traumas
that i'm goin through
(worries about friends and if
they are all okay,
wonderin if they made it) ...

concerns that mean NUTHIN to
those singin the blues
in cesspools of violence --
talk about selfish