Thursday, September 28, 2006

159. Katrina (in memory of the French Quarter)

by Byron Holder - Australia

ebb and flow, crash and blow
water rushes to and fro
give and take, provide, forsake
centuries toil laid to waste

bubble and boil, rocks to soil
the timeless power waits...
for little winds, spins and turns
to rouse the giant snake

howl and blow, flash and glow
the sword, the bow, the catapult throw
swirl and twirl, rip and hurl
the angel casts the crippling girl...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

158. True Character

by Saran B. - New Orleans

"Crises always reveal a person's true character."

I went back home to New Orleans recently
to visit my parents and friends

I remember talking to my friends
and we were discussing
what our new plans were in the future

As I think about it
we are all blessed
with new ventures ahead of us
despite the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina

One friend I ran into
is now pursuing photography

Another friend received a promotion
and moved into a another town

And a another friend dedicated herself
to working with children

I am pursing my art, jewelry
and continuing my film work

God has a way of telling us
that we need to peal off the old layers
and see who we really are
and embrace what we are made to do
as God's children

God has our destinies written out
and sometimes, tragedies have a way
of making those destinies come true

So embrace who you really are
be true to yourself
and spread your talents among others
as Jesus did

156. When A Storm Comes This Way

by Dione Porche - New Orleans

When a storm comes this way
Struggle madly to get away

Come back to nothing
It is all lost
So here I sit

Sitting mindless, it went free
My body is doomed to stay with me

I cannot look back at what I have lost
Things can be replaced
But a broken heart
My heart has since been locked away

In pieces crumpled by the vandals
Whose friendships from the start
Were a gamble

No effort do I put forth
I can't just yet
I know the game
Valentines Day is not the same
Like every other holiday

Alone body, mind and soul
No where to go

No where to roam
Just looking around
This is not home

How do you recover when you know of a better life?
How do you live in dysfunction and strife?

I didnt choose to live this way
But suddenly it happened
When a storm came this way

155. Why

by Kira (a.k.a. the 13-year-old) - Texas

why do they play with our hearts
why do they act as if we aren't affected by it
why do they think we are nothing
why are we something
why do they doubt us
why do they treat us this way
why do they lie
why haven't they done somehting
why haven't they come
why do they ignore our fury
why do they lie
i only have one question

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

154. The Horror Continues

Anthony Grabowski, poetry-soul - Connecticut

August 29, 2006 - one year to the day
Hurricane Katrina visited the USA

Politicians are in New Orleans making the rounds
A shattered city desperately trying to rebound

Louisiana and Mississippi seem to be doing well
New Orleans still looks like a living hell

They say billions have been spent
I wonder where all the money went

Watching all the replay coverage on the news
Listening to all the talking heads spew their views

In the meantime a city is in ruin
Does anyone in control know what they're doing?

The dignity of Human Beings was taken away
As Katrina paid a visit one year ago today

All the people displaced and all the tears
New Orleans, the once vibrant city

The corror contiues
What a pity

153. Spirit Will Get Us Through

by a. hoper - New Orleans, Louisiana

It’s hard living here... in New Orleans. It’s post-Katrina.
The storm ruined everything. No one’s here. Flooded houses.
Flooded buildings. Flooded cars. Flooded people.

It’s hard to live here. Most people don’t understand.
They’re done with New Orleans - that happened almost a year ago. They’ve forgotten. But we haven’t. We won’t ever forget. No one who lives here will ever forget.

It’s too hard. Because everywhere you go is KATRINA.
Water lines on every other building. Cars sitting on neutral ground . . . still waiting to be picked up. Debris everywhere. Cars, houses, boats, furniture, EVERYWHERE.

Most people’s houses are just being gutted. They aren’t finished yet.
This city won’t be like before in a very long time. Maybe 10 years.
I don’t think I can wait that long. I love it here.

But most of all how about the people who lost everything . . . how long can they wait? And what are they waiting for?
They have no homes or belongings to come back to.

But maybe, that’s not the important thing.
Maybe the important thing is the city they left. That was flooded too.
That got broken too. And how long can people here hold on?
When they have nothing to hold on to? I guess all they have are spirits.

They’re coming back to a city of spirit. And that’s about it.
But spirit is good. It’s what gets us going.
So someday there will be something here. Something to call home.

It will be the same again. It has too. Because it’s New Orleans. It’s important.
But in the meantime I guess we just have to wait.

152. Tears & Fears

Anthony Grabowski, poetry-soul - Connecticut

I see your faces full of fear
I see your eyes so filled with tears

I see your sadness, your grief and pain,
Your lives destroyed by the wind and rain

Mother Nature dealt a heavy blow
The levees failed and the water rose

No where to run or to hide
A city in ruins, many have died

The shock of uncertainty and disbelief
Hunger and thirst with no relief

The heat takes a toll and all we can see
Are your tears and fears across the T.V.

Many heroes rush in from the sky
To rescue people trapped inside

Feeling helpless, there is nothing we can do
But to pray to God that they will rescue you

Tens of thousands with nowhere to go
Trapped in this city where the water flowed

Days pass with no relief in sight
No food or drink for days and nights

Eyes filled with tears, faces express such fear
Destruction and devastation is everywhere

This is no dream; horror is before our eyes
Hunger, thirst, pain and cries!

The life of a city has been drowned by water
A frantic father searches for his daughter

Frightened children cling to their mothers
Sisters forever separated from their brothers

So many lives destroyed, hundreds are lost
A human tragedy, a tremendous cost

After many days help finally arrives
Many good loving people rush in to save lives

Five days of living hell that felt like years
Endless sorrow and lasting fears
So many eyes dripping with tears

151. Five Whole Days (After Hurricane Katrina)

by James L. O'Connor - Dallas, Texas

Five whole days we had five big breaks
The kind that turned our streets into lakes
Mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, son and daughter
had to break through their attics to escape the rising water

Five whole days we've been in near 100 degree heat
with no running water and hardly anything to eat
No lights, no phone, no motor car. Not a single luxury
Like Robinson Cruisoe as primative as can be

Five whole days we heard babies crying
then at every turn we saw people dying
Ain't took a bath, brushed our teeth nor our hair
everyday wore the same clothes and the same underwear.

Five whole days we fussed and cussed
it even brought out the worst in us
There were whites who were shooting
at Blacks they claimed to be looting
But when they do the same thing, it's called "surviving"
Who the %?..@ they think they fooling?

Five whole days we were catching hell all around
all of these choppers flying, not one of them came down
We've seen army trucks and air boats come around our hood
They had no food or water to give and that ain't good

Five whole days many of us from this city
believe that the rich elites had been trying to get Blacks out since
the 1960's
For years they said the levees couldn't hold up to this
yet, they were waiting for them to break. It's no wonder we're pissed

Five whole days, how long will it take
for us to hear horror stories about children getting raped
The Convention Center was a mess. The Superdome was a death trap
All of the crime in the old St. Thomas and Desire Projects couldn't
touch that

Five whole days were days that shouldn't have been
Our leaders were clueless and didn't know where to begin
It's been forty years since Betsy when my sister had drowned
And, after all this time, there was no clear plan when Katrina came

Five whole days were the worst five days
Something shoulda been set up in the first five days
All of those busses and trains, boats and planes
They were left to sit through strong winds and heavy rains

When we were evacuated after those five days of madness
We went through a lot of pain, suffering, grief and sadness
Everything we had was washed away and destroyed
This was one disaster that was hard to avoid

After those five days, we were just about everywhere
But our families were separated and we can't find them anywhere
We don't know where they are, we don't know if they had survived
we're just hoping to see or hear from them again and we prayed that
they have not died

Many of us got good news, others bad
Some of us were happy, while others were sad
We tried to call by cell phone and other means of communication
trying to keep in touch after all of this death and devastation

Five whole days was a learning experience
letting us know right there and then
never to put your faith in an arrogant and clueless government
or those who claimed to be your friend

If anything, we must thank God (Allah, Jehovah or any other divine
name) that we're here today
Even though Katrina came in and took our homes, cars and lives away
Everything we had is gone, except our spirits
and it's ringing louder and stronger than any hardcore rap lyric

While we are trying to rebuild our lives for the better
We should take time out to pray for those who are still trying to get
their lives together
The Lord is our savior and to him we should pray
and thank him for getting us through those Five Whole Days

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

150. Two Sisters

by Jill Eisnaugle -

[In honor of the one-year anniversary of the tragedy.]

Two sisters stood upon the shore
Their lives still and carefree
Each held sheer blessings to adore
Beside the placid sea

They lived a normal coastal life
And shared their joys at length
Until a wretched wrath of strife
Arrived to test their strength

One August morn, a violent gale
Appeared upon the sand
With utter force, no one could scale
The magnitude at hand

When night befell, it looked as though
The sisters weathered fine
But come the dawn, fate would bestow
A firm and swift decline

Both sisters had been bruised and crushed
As wind and turmoil raged
But soon, one sibling’s life was hushed
When floodwaters upstaged

Submerging her amid the flow
Of tragedy and grief
Left by a certain coastal foe
That offered no relief

The sisters, once still and carefree
Persist upon the shore
As pillars for the world to see
Much stronger than before

New Orleans and Biloxi: kin
Whose lives serve to sustain
Although Katrina marred their skin
In one, late August rain

157. When A Storm Comes This Way

by Dione Porsche - New Orleans

When a storm comes this way
Struggle madly to get away

Come back to nothing
It is all lost
So here I sit

Sitting mindless, it went free
My body is doomed to stay with me

I cannot look back at what I have lost
Things can be replaced
But a broken heart
My heart has since been locked away

In pieces crumpled by the vandals
Whose friendships from the start
Were a gamble

No effort do I put forth
I can't just yet
I know the game
Valentines Day is not the same
Like every other holiday

Alone body, mind and soul
No where to go

No where to roam
Just looking around
This is not home

How do you recover when you know of a better life?
How do you live in dysfunction and strife?

I didnt choose to live this way
But suddenly it happened
When a storm came this way

147. Soul Feud

by Dr. Charles Frederickson - Bangkok, Thailand

Never getcha self inta pissin’
Contest with stank hightailin’ skunk

Where sushi is called bait
Earthworms danglin’ from rusty hooks
Wrigglin’ night crawlers glowworm possums
Actin’ crazier than sprayed cockroaches

Just ‘cause chickens got wings
Don’t mean them’all ken fly

Uprooted human beans collard greens
Hog maw chitterlings black-eyed peas
Hominy grits soaked in lye
Crumbly runt hush puppy litter

Puttin’ yer boots in de
Oven still taint changin’ nuthin’

Bristly catfish whiskers unshaven stubble
Stranded crawfish fetid potluck jambalaya
Force-fed toxic mumbo jumbo gumbo
Bubblin’ brown sugar pee-can pralines

Don’t piss on my leg
And tell me it’s rainin’

148. Turds In Hell

by Dr. Charles Frederickson - Bangkok, Thailand

Once upon Old Orleans upbeat
Beast of times underbelly exposed
Dispossessed kinfolk clinging driftwood shadows
Unfathomable depths bewailing plaintive moans

Below see level vampire netherworld
Vanquished past riptide demons surface
Metamorphic destiny born again transmigration
Grim reaper channeling hoodoo-voodoo curses

Haunted houses flooded with reflections
Pretentious claptrap spirits locked inside
Macabre ghoulish shadows attic cornered
Decomposed living dead tatty cobwebs

Loose echoes ricocheting off walls
Zip suit tarot fortunes discarded
Buoyancy coupling shamelessly with danger
Caged blue canaries spooky shut-ins

Embalmed ghosts haunting forsaken psyches
Thumping gizzards throbbing grizzly skin
In limbo “Bokor” castoff spells
Black magic dolls needling consolation

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

146. Fishbowl

by Joanna Parsons - San Jose/Ontario

Eric published an article
a prophecy of sorts, with the vision of a fishbowl place
In peril and sinking. Thousands to be lost,
pumps to be overwhelmed and
land to be quelched by overtopping waves.

Preacher preached a message. About heeding the warnings
God gives us
You can't put a city
next to the sea
below sea level.
and not think something will be

Zarina saw the sights
Kids at the aunts, a trip to the south where black men were plentiful
and houses were built on stilts

Family man told the tale
how he and his children got out
past floods and sludge and anything uncanny
"I aint going back, this place a fishbowl"
(and government got a fishbowl mentality)

Jimmy played the bass
The place of Jazz's birth
Hot humid nights under the club-smoke filled scene
as he thumbed the beat
years before it all went down

John Doe water engineer sat thinking
with a gun to his temple
"why you want to try to take your life
Mr. agency guy?"
(Cause I got the blood of 1100 on my hands).
And i had fishbowl mentality

Georgie said a prayer
as a chief in command should
a good heart with bad choices
to fight a war, or build the coast?
unwittingly in a fishbowl of red tape

`The Joneses family bought house
after hassles with government and a foreign place
they called home
No more ice cream trucks
on Humanity
and the wonder of coming back soon

I wrote a story
of a place I'd never seen
of streets I'd never walked and an aura
I never breathed
of a city I've never lived
but hope to see
rebuild, reborn
the fishbowl mentality

145. Crescent City Blues In K

by Nordette Adams - New Jersey

You love our blues, our souls hung
our spirituals sung and carried on breezes
yet deny the truths that bring us to our knees
our sorrows burrowed in battered hearts
wounds deep reopened and salted

Cry for Katrina's dead, mourn
our departed minstrels gone long before them
that smiled and crooned, kept secret
the politics of blue gloom notes
like Satchmo spreading wide his lips with
appeasing pearl whites gritted.

You love the blues, the jazz, the cool and hot
but know not the people nor their lot
nor demons wrestled, angels kissed
death wails howled nightly 'neath shit
birthing music, the beauty, grace welded exquisite
creative genius hunkered to ankles, hips
hearts weighted in painful joy of drunken stupor
cultivating survival, incubating dreams
splitting tongues bursting the spiritblood
you love, you mourn, for which you do mock funerals
but why since what you love's not died?

You see the art but not the artists
nor care to know the hearts that birthed the art of New Orleans
nor her children who sing the blues crude
beautifully on the news. But you'll love that blues too
once the City's paupers have hammered it and
glamoured it between tinkled ivory, the gleam of grinning trumpets
and the depths of distant fingers upon a bass.

144. To The Victims Of Katrina

by TeeTee

The day has come to cry we said the end has come a city dead. In
there homes and in the streets. People stealing food to eat. They pray
will they come please come and help us and our loved ones. The
government makes promises but still they wait. For some the help came to late,
but this place is strong with pride they will rebuild they will

143. Here To Stay

by Theresa Morales - Mississippi Gulf Coast

Katrina we will never forget the day you came
You left behind so much pain
Our life will never be the same

We heard your roar as you came ashore
You came out of the sea and onto the land like an angry hand

You destroyed so much
You made sure we ALL felt your touch

The World heard our cries
People came from far and near
They saw our tears and they felt our fears

First came the water and ice
That was really nice
Then came the MRE's
We now had our basic needs
Finally at last
And in time there was no line
We were able to get gas

Days became weeks
Weeks became months
And now its been a year since you were here

We made it through recovery
Rebuilding has began
The futrue is still to come
Well this is what we have to say
We are here to stay
Even though you took so much away
Our hearts may be broke
But we are stronger then the mighty oak
We have God
We have Hope

142. Nine Months After

by Dione Porche - New Orleans, Louisiana

No culture, no sound, no one is around
Everything is lost, pictures along with trash
Trophies, Mardi Gras beads, sentimental valuables
Lost in a flash
Yesterday, not long ago
Our lives were as yours
We had our problems
We had our joys
People lived in houses
The coffee was brewing
The laundry was in the wash
Uptown, downtown, Lakeshore Drive
No one knew
That we'd just be happy to be alive
Here back home is an alien land
No one could believe
All of us were affected
Beyond what we could ever perceive
We knew that it would happen
Forty years to count
Countdown to a nightmare
A dream come true, per se
Katrina had her way

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

141. Katrina, Katrina

by Dione Porche - New Orleans, Louisiana

Katrina, Katrina,
What have you done to me?
I know I am not alone
But I’m taking it personally
You tortured my animals
And made them starve
I couldn’t get back fast enough
Now they’re lost
My family is dispersed
I now live alone
Depressed and lonely
A barren trailer is now my home
Everything I loved and nurtured
Was taken away from me
My home, my grocery store
My comfort zone
My family
I now seldom see
Daily reminders are everywhere
My dreams, my hopes are riddled
With despair
True, my life was teetering down
Before your wrath destroyed my world
When my spirit was fragile and weak
Your winds toppled it to the ground
Overwhelmed, I crumbled away
leaving me broken and sad
Still I struggled to stay afloat
With whatever hope I had
I fell so hard that my heart shattered
Depressed and angry, nothing mattered
No longer do I live in my familiar surroundings
My meager treasured belongings
Muddied and ruined
But despite your reign of destruction
I vow to defeat you
With my faith and conviction
I assure you my family will beat you
Hard work and love will uphold
As I work hard and help thy neighbors
My friends and family
Will surely come home

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

140. Daughter Of Your Thoughts

by Roland R. Ruiz - San Antonio, Texas

Dedicated To: Chrisy Marie Ruiz

Dear Lord up so high, I question as to why, death is in the air
When a child of your creation, pays a visit every year
Mother Nature is her name, has a will all her own
You pay no favorites Lord, for you give it to one and all
Soon the season will adorn, our beautiful Gulf Coast shore
Along the southern borders, in the good old USA
I recall, oh so well, the memories are still so fresh
Of the loss of life and home, we suffered just last year
The daughter of your thoughts, bore some children, recently
In a season, we'll remember, for all eternity
Evil in their sinister ways, much like the ones, who ran away
Katrina and Rita are the names, which will live forever
In the minds of those infected, by the storms of last September
Dear Lord, to you, so high above, I say a silent prayer
If you would ask your Daughter, to keep her anger down
Let's not repeat the season, that we suffered just months ago
And give us time to heal the pain, that remains with us today

139. Where I Drift

by DivaDeb

Haunting Waters
Imprison me
Capture me in Death
Speak for me now
For my chance has gone
My body to illustrate
As I float along
Forced into Darkness
Rememberance of mental pain
The unknown turned into acceptance
With the downpour
of Demonic Rain
My fleeing not as swift
As Katrina's fierce arrival
She swallowed me completely
Left me with questioned survival
Battle fought and lost
Casualties left to swell
Floating in her Aftermath
Stolen to her hell
A voice in light calls
Seperated by the darkness, deep
Joins a chorus of chanting seekers
Object of hopes now in watery sleep

138. A Human's Anger (Political Victim)

by Tabitha aka Poetic SunShyne - New Orleans, now in S.A.

If it will make you feel better to hear me say that I am fine
Then I'm fine...
but deep down my heart is broken and on certain
days I feel as if I'm losing my mind
We were trapped in a hotel for 4 days
I thought of our deaths a million different ways
You tend to sway in and out of reality when your back
is to the wall
NO water...NO air...And it seemed like NO way out
So your soul decides to free fall
A small light shines and you get to escape
Finding solice in a foreign town
You turn on the television to see those who didn't make it out
and guilt sets in
Some of these people were my kin!
And there was nothing I could do to set them free
You go to playing mind games of...It should not be them, but instead be
Well today we are all FREE, and they ask me if I'm ever going back
I have to catch myself, because a part of me wants to attack any and all
who asks me that
And that shyt right there is a concrete fact
Why should I return to a government who gives less that a fuck about me
and my kin?
The color of my people's skin was not of their liking
So that gave them the green light to let lives come to an end
They refer to us as refugees
They may as well have called us slaves
I'm not an advocate of murder, but these political bitches need to be 6
feet under ground
Yep I'm saying it...They need to be dead in their graves
I'm angry...I'm sad
We're alive, but we lost ALL we ever had
Don't get it twisted, we are happy to be alive, but
this shyt here deeply makes us mad
And if I had one wish I'd wish for those who perished to rise
Katrina did her damage, but by political officials WE put in office
is how we became victimized
My name is Sunshyne and I survived Katrina
but was almost killed by my government


Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

136. SLAM!

by Saran - New Orleans, Louisiana

I think something changed.
The power’s out.
The water’s gone.
My feet are wet.
And I’m in a boarding school
543 miles away from

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

Saturday, April 15, 2006

135. Some Days

by Mike McCulley - Montesano, Washington

Some days the sun pokes
over the horizon, warming
the treetops, birds call out
the alarm, blossoms open

their night-wraps put on a face
and sing out a fragrance.
Some days it’s the donuts
and black coffee that give me

a bump-start long after the birds
and blossoms have settled
on a scheme. I catch up with
the day’s rhythm, get in synch

with the pivot arm swinging
around, pooka-pooka-pooka
Some days it’s a donut
that’s hard to digest, swirling

around my innards, a big swirl
and sloshing black water
the pivot arm isn’t swinging
ruin is slopping about

no one hears the alarm
no one smells death coming

134. This Nation United

by Lil Wilson - Spencer, Indiana






133. Sadness

by Bobby - Wichitaw, Kansas

I am so sad cuz that hurricane is bad

132. Raise My Scorn

by silverpawpa

Preparing for a national tragedy that in time will come
Stacked across Hope, Arkansas a housing storage sprung
House trailers fill that airfield like a ladder, rung by rung
With this inventory of housing, homeless we wouldn’t be stung

A sea of new roofs abound as you cast a glance around
Twenty five thousand or more not fastened to the ground
Without any children’s laughter or nary a whimper of sound
Only a stupid rule by FEMA halts this national glorious crown

900 million dollars we paid for immediate housing before our eyes
Can’t be dispersed to a flooding zone and again victims' hope dies
Dispersing these homes to Katrina victims, silencing their cries
A few miles north of the coast where trailer cities should take rise

Why pay 900 million and add 25 thousand a month storage to that
Our belfry isn’t empty, it’s filled with stupidity instead of a bat
How many dense bureaucrats should wear a pointed dunce hat
How many gutless politicians on their spineless backs not get a pat

Communities have had house trailers that suffered many a storm
Is their thinking that travel trailers will be towed if a storm is born
Not everyone has a trailer hitch, that never has been the norm
But keeping these homes in storage really does raise my scorn

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

131. New Orleans

anonymous - Chicago

hurrican katrina is getting closer
next thing you know it's here
its terrorizing houses, families,
hotels and more
nobody can stop it
all we can see is water
i turn to the left, water
i turn to the right, water
water is everywhere
homes are destroyed, families are destroyed
finally it's over. you can see dead bodies floating
Will New Orleans be recovered?

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

130. No Place To Go

by Dione Porche

I used to think America was the best place to live
Now I wonder with amazement as I see it has nothing to give

I sit with eyes in tears
As the media focuses on our fears

The nation sees our pain
Some companies see wealth to gain

Just as they did the very day after
No help, no guidance, no relief after our disaster

Our resilliant children smile and play,
in crowded shelters, just as if it were any day

We try to smile back and keep them strong
Protecting them from the truth of our nation's wrong

Where is Mr. Bush in our time of need?
Tsunami victims got food in a day and not a week

The politicians all poke fingers to blame
But for us, our dire situation is still the same

Aren't we all surprised? That in our own true need
Our government funds are for other nation's children to feed?

So they quickly give us food stamps, without a refrigerator to store
People cramped in shelters, with small cots on a cold floor

Telephones glued to our ears, hours go by as we sit on hold
Call another telephone number we are told

So, we are glad television ratings are up
But for us, I guess we're stuck

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

129. Katrina X

by Troy Dunn (

I can’t remember the last few days
but somethin’ gone wrong
Vandals come - X my home
Children gone

Clouds cover the sun
And water everywhere
Noah must a left
Crawford’s Prince doesn't care

Hands are getting sore
Skin is falling down
Waters left us behind
Kids still not around

The cross on our house
three down below
And 9/9 above
My husband left long ago

Just me, Denae and Taylor
But can’t find ‘em now
The X that won’t come off
Things God just won’t allow

Somen’ happening
Dozers moving in
Splinters to the earth
Nature doesn't sin

I followed it here
A dump I think
Stretches quite a way
Lost into the brink

Learned something new
Found out I can’t die
Tick-a-tock, Tick-a-tock
Orleans to lie

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

128. Imitation Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery

by Karla Dorman - Burleson, Texas

It's bad enough
that Katrina stormed out of the room
ripping, snorting mad
danger simmering in her dark eyes
throwing things aside
in her sudden display of fury

Rita, her little
sister, unobserved under the bed
was watching with keen
interest: she, who wanted to do
everything that
big sister did, learned her lesson well

She's on the exact
same path Katrina was on, and will be
remembered for
the stress she is causing for those who
are living along
an already storm weary coastline

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

127. that bitch


i once met a bitch named katrina
i never knew a ho that was meaner
she came into town
blew all my shit down
and now i'm fu$%^&* with FEMA

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

126. Alice In Contra Flow Land

by Alice - Metarie, Louisiana

The Contra flow

Gone with the Wind
During the Night
We rode away, so full of fright...

Now all of the people have gone
Taking flight
Out of their city and homes
That have no light...

Even though we were glad to go
We cried when we saw the contra flow...

Some couldn't go, and some wouldn't go
We cried as we heard their stories
On the radio...

What seems like such a long time ago
I'm so glad we rode in the contra flow...

We prayed so hard that they wouldn't show
Our house under water
On the TV news show...

Our family is scattered everywhere
Our friends are over here and over there...

I miss them tonight
Gone from the city
With no light...

Can't you hear her say, "Come back from your flights and fight"
Let my people get back and light all of the lights...

My house was spared, my family and friends too
And soon I'll be going back home to the life I knew...

And if ever I ride in another contra flow
To Austin, Texas, I will go!

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

125. Tennessee

by Alice - Metarie, Louisiana

Oh Lord, help me so
My daughter cried in the contra flow

She's in her SUV
She's right there in front of me

We all drove in harmony
As we left from Metarie

The red necks laughed at us as we
Drove through their land on to Tennessee

We tried to run -- we had to go
Away from I-10, and below

Oh Lord, help me so
My daughter cried in the contra flow

It turned out real bad, you know
Back to our homes, we could not go

That old storm did us in
Felt like the world would end

Now we think that we will go
Far and away from the Gulf of Mexico

Close my eyes and all I see
Is my daughter right in front of me

Driving on to Tennessee

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales


by Uncle Doug

K- is for the killer you turned out to be
A- is for the absent, washed out to sea
T- is for the terror that came our way
R- is for the rescued, still alive today
I- is for the impact, you smashed upon our shore
N- is for the numbers, sprayed on the doors
A- is for all of us: the strong, the weak, the rich, the poor, the
brave, the meek, the young, the old, the heroes who came -- how can any of us
ever forget your name. KATRINA

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

123. Hurricane Katrina

by Orin Griffin - Albany, New York

The storm came traveling aimlessly in
And with her a strong black heartless wind
The meanest storm the coast’s ever seen
That battered the levees of New Orleans

A maiden storm, her name was Katrina
It took on the Feds and shook up the FEMA
She came upon land a category five
Anyone in her path got buried alive

The storm, she rumbled, twirled and spun
And twisted the Bayou into a slum
Uprooting trees, cars, boats and homes
Flooding the titanic of Superdomes

An impoverished city broadcast world wide
Brought hope to the humble and shame to the wise
The Mayor, the Governor, the President’s brigade
Wouldn’t go in to administer aide

Three days of toil and drudge went by
Without a rescue, they were left to die
The waves of the ocean were wrought and misled
Came through the debris to claim its dead

Three days the water rose over the city
Wreaking havoc, despair and death to the pity
So looting and pilferage took heed to survive
Since failure in judgment neglects to arrive

And with it the onslaught of hypocricy stench
The bureaucratic justice was stuck in a trench
Hold on to your fury, kneel down and pray
God’s glory will surface on reckoning day

The hopeless, the homeless all scattered about
Their cups filled with anger, their hope full of doubt
The lost, the scared, the rage was ablaze
Now lost in the heat of a fiery haze

All across the country the heartache took toll
So they opened their wallets and gave from the soul
Out of neglect, fear and frustration
Resilience is healing a sorrowful nation

Stand up Old Glory and sing us a song
That praises the faithful, the mighty, the strong
Forgive us our trespasses as we take to plight
Lead us not into temptation, but into the light

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL