Saturday, April 15, 2006

132. Raise My Scorn

by silverpawpa

Preparing for a national tragedy that in time will come
Stacked across Hope, Arkansas a housing storage sprung
House trailers fill that airfield like a ladder, rung by rung
With this inventory of housing, homeless we wouldn’t be stung

A sea of new roofs abound as you cast a glance around
Twenty five thousand or more not fastened to the ground
Without any children’s laughter or nary a whimper of sound
Only a stupid rule by FEMA halts this national glorious crown

900 million dollars we paid for immediate housing before our eyes
Can’t be dispersed to a flooding zone and again victims' hope dies
Dispersing these homes to Katrina victims, silencing their cries
A few miles north of the coast where trailer cities should take rise

Why pay 900 million and add 25 thousand a month storage to that
Our belfry isn’t empty, it’s filled with stupidity instead of a bat
How many dense bureaucrats should wear a pointed dunce hat
How many gutless politicians on their spineless backs not get a pat

Communities have had house trailers that suffered many a storm
Is their thinking that travel trailers will be towed if a storm is born
Not everyone has a trailer hitch, that never has been the norm
But keeping these homes in storage really does raise my scorn

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL


Anonymous said...

I understand the emotions, but your views are not grounded in reality, it seems to me.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly put Mr. Silver. There's a certain "familiar" flair.
Hmm..I wonder. Good stuff