Saturday, April 15, 2006

129. Katrina X

by Troy Dunn (

I can’t remember the last few days
but somethin’ gone wrong
Vandals come - X my home
Children gone

Clouds cover the sun
And water everywhere
Noah must a left
Crawford’s Prince doesn't care

Hands are getting sore
Skin is falling down
Waters left us behind
Kids still not around

The cross on our house
three down below
And 9/9 above
My husband left long ago

Just me, Denae and Taylor
But can’t find ‘em now
The X that won’t come off
Things God just won’t allow

Somen’ happening
Dozers moving in
Splinters to the earth
Nature doesn't sin

I followed it here
A dump I think
Stretches quite a way
Lost into the brink

Learned something new
Found out I can’t die
Tick-a-tock, Tick-a-tock
Orleans to lie

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

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