Saturday, April 15, 2006

130. No Place To Go

by Dione Porche

I used to think America was the best place to live
Now I wonder with amazement as I see it has nothing to give

I sit with eyes in tears
As the media focuses on our fears

The nation sees our pain
Some companies see wealth to gain

Just as they did the very day after
No help, no guidance, no relief after our disaster

Our resilliant children smile and play,
in crowded shelters, just as if it were any day

We try to smile back and keep them strong
Protecting them from the truth of our nation's wrong

Where is Mr. Bush in our time of need?
Tsunami victims got food in a day and not a week

The politicians all poke fingers to blame
But for us, our dire situation is still the same

Aren't we all surprised? That in our own true need
Our government funds are for other nation's children to feed?

So they quickly give us food stamps, without a refrigerator to store
People cramped in shelters, with small cots on a cold floor

Telephones glued to our ears, hours go by as we sit on hold
Call another telephone number we are told

So, we are glad television ratings are up
But for us, I guess we're stuck

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

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