Saturday, April 15, 2006

127. that bitch


i once met a bitch named katrina
i never knew a ho that was meaner
she came into town
blew all my shit down
and now i'm fu$%^&* with FEMA

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL


Anonymous said...

This is a horrible poem it talks against God. Dispite the warnings we were given it would be bad so very few heeded the warning. These are events that are uncontrolled by man, but a higher power. Which should be worshipped and if some crazy reason you don't worship him, at least God should be respected.

Anonymous said...

I love the passion that radiates through this poet's words. Poetry is about feeling and emotion and touching the senses. To the poet, I sense an authentic voice. I know that Katrina had a direct impact on your life. Continue to write and don't be discouraged. Your emotions are real and do not need to be validated by others who do not understand the depths of your pain. Being real, God got mad and He was jealous, too. And when He got mad, He wiped out cities, nations; an entire civilization (i.e. The Flood). Who are we to think that we are better than God; to carelessly point fingers and judge another so harshly? God gave you a talent and I pray that you continue to use it to it's fullest.