Saturday, April 15, 2006

123. Hurricane Katrina

by Orin Griffin - Albany, New York

The storm came traveling aimlessly in
And with her a strong black heartless wind
The meanest storm the coast’s ever seen
That battered the levees of New Orleans

A maiden storm, her name was Katrina
It took on the Feds and shook up the FEMA
She came upon land a category five
Anyone in her path got buried alive

The storm, she rumbled, twirled and spun
And twisted the Bayou into a slum
Uprooting trees, cars, boats and homes
Flooding the titanic of Superdomes

An impoverished city broadcast world wide
Brought hope to the humble and shame to the wise
The Mayor, the Governor, the President’s brigade
Wouldn’t go in to administer aide

Three days of toil and drudge went by
Without a rescue, they were left to die
The waves of the ocean were wrought and misled
Came through the debris to claim its dead

Three days the water rose over the city
Wreaking havoc, despair and death to the pity
So looting and pilferage took heed to survive
Since failure in judgment neglects to arrive

And with it the onslaught of hypocricy stench
The bureaucratic justice was stuck in a trench
Hold on to your fury, kneel down and pray
God’s glory will surface on reckoning day

The hopeless, the homeless all scattered about
Their cups filled with anger, their hope full of doubt
The lost, the scared, the rage was ablaze
Now lost in the heat of a fiery haze

All across the country the heartache took toll
So they opened their wallets and gave from the soul
Out of neglect, fear and frustration
Resilience is healing a sorrowful nation

Stand up Old Glory and sing us a song
That praises the faithful, the mighty, the strong
Forgive us our trespasses as we take to plight
Lead us not into temptation, but into the light

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL

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