Tuesday, December 27, 2005

122. Hurricane Zone

by Denimari - Florence, New Jersey

See me
I am naked
to the world today
As all
has been stripped away
Within hours
my life is gone
I need the strength
to carry on

Hear me
As I cry out loud
One in hundreds
of this homeless crowd
Within days
my life torn to shreds
Nowhere for us
to lay our tired heads

Feel me
As this could be you
Mother Nature takes charge
of what we do
The human element
of our lives is spent
We are lost inside
of this tragic event

Touch me
As I live in pain
So much lost
it seems insane
Doors closed
to my constant plea
Bow your heads
and pray for me

Show me
That your love is near
Or I should die
inside my fear
Within minutes
I stood alone
Among so many
in this hurricane zone

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

1 comment:

key-anna said...

i love your poem it touches my heart and makes me feel what you are feeling so congradulate you on your wonderful poem