Tuesday, December 27, 2005

121. Sometimes I Cry

by Ethel Keith - Arlington, Texas

Sometimes I cry when I think of home
Wondering why everything's all gone

Sometimes I cry because some people died
Trying to escape from the rising tide

Sometimes I cry when babies had no food
The way they treated us was very cruel

Sometimes I cry from the nightmares I have
The sorrow and pain is hard to bear

Sometimes I cry when I see the death toll
So many bodies, mostly old

Sometimes I cry when nothing's wrong
Then I think about families without a home

Sometimes I cry because my sisters are gone
But with GOD'S help - He has made them strong

Sometimes I cry because it's great to be alive
Thank you GOD that I survived

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales


Kayla Powell said...

this poem is very beautiful it really touched me because the Hurricane katrina victims

Anonymous said...

This poem was created from your heart and soul.Many surviors will relate to it. I will use this in our family reunion book as a tribute to our family members who were affected by this hurricane. May God heal your sorrows and bring much joy and happiness to your life.