Wednesday, September 13, 2006

152. Tears & Fears

Anthony Grabowski, poetry-soul - Connecticut

I see your faces full of fear
I see your eyes so filled with tears

I see your sadness, your grief and pain,
Your lives destroyed by the wind and rain

Mother Nature dealt a heavy blow
The levees failed and the water rose

No where to run or to hide
A city in ruins, many have died

The shock of uncertainty and disbelief
Hunger and thirst with no relief

The heat takes a toll and all we can see
Are your tears and fears across the T.V.

Many heroes rush in from the sky
To rescue people trapped inside

Feeling helpless, there is nothing we can do
But to pray to God that they will rescue you

Tens of thousands with nowhere to go
Trapped in this city where the water flowed

Days pass with no relief in sight
No food or drink for days and nights

Eyes filled with tears, faces express such fear
Destruction and devastation is everywhere

This is no dream; horror is before our eyes
Hunger, thirst, pain and cries!

The life of a city has been drowned by water
A frantic father searches for his daughter

Frightened children cling to their mothers
Sisters forever separated from their brothers

So many lives destroyed, hundreds are lost
A human tragedy, a tremendous cost

After many days help finally arrives
Many good loving people rush in to save lives

Five days of living hell that felt like years
Endless sorrow and lasting fears
So many eyes dripping with tears

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Ashwani said...

A so very meaningful, heart touching creation... gud job...