Wednesday, September 13, 2006

154. The Horror Continues

Anthony Grabowski, poetry-soul - Connecticut

August 29, 2006 - one year to the day
Hurricane Katrina visited the USA

Politicians are in New Orleans making the rounds
A shattered city desperately trying to rebound

Louisiana and Mississippi seem to be doing well
New Orleans still looks like a living hell

They say billions have been spent
I wonder where all the money went

Watching all the replay coverage on the news
Listening to all the talking heads spew their views

In the meantime a city is in ruin
Does anyone in control know what they're doing?

The dignity of Human Beings was taken away
As Katrina paid a visit one year ago today

All the people displaced and all the tears
New Orleans, the once vibrant city

The corror contiues
What a pity

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