Wednesday, August 16, 2006

141. Katrina, Katrina

by Dione Porche - New Orleans, Louisiana

Katrina, Katrina,
What have you done to me?
I know I am not alone
But I’m taking it personally
You tortured my animals
And made them starve
I couldn’t get back fast enough
Now they’re lost
My family is dispersed
I now live alone
Depressed and lonely
A barren trailer is now my home
Everything I loved and nurtured
Was taken away from me
My home, my grocery store
My comfort zone
My family
I now seldom see
Daily reminders are everywhere
My dreams, my hopes are riddled
With despair
True, my life was teetering down
Before your wrath destroyed my world
When my spirit was fragile and weak
Your winds toppled it to the ground
Overwhelmed, I crumbled away
leaving me broken and sad
Still I struggled to stay afloat
With whatever hope I had
I fell so hard that my heart shattered
Depressed and angry, nothing mattered
No longer do I live in my familiar surroundings
My meager treasured belongings
Muddied and ruined
But despite your reign of destruction
I vow to defeat you
With my faith and conviction
I assure you my family will beat you
Hard work and love will uphold
As I work hard and help thy neighbors
My friends and family
Will surely come home

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

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