Wednesday, August 16, 2006

140. Daughter Of Your Thoughts

by Roland R. Ruiz - San Antonio, Texas

Dedicated To: Chrisy Marie Ruiz

Dear Lord up so high, I question as to why, death is in the air
When a child of your creation, pays a visit every year
Mother Nature is her name, has a will all her own
You pay no favorites Lord, for you give it to one and all
Soon the season will adorn, our beautiful Gulf Coast shore
Along the southern borders, in the good old USA
I recall, oh so well, the memories are still so fresh
Of the loss of life and home, we suffered just last year
The daughter of your thoughts, bore some children, recently
In a season, we'll remember, for all eternity
Evil in their sinister ways, much like the ones, who ran away
Katrina and Rita are the names, which will live forever
In the minds of those infected, by the storms of last September
Dear Lord, to you, so high above, I say a silent prayer
If you would ask your Daughter, to keep her anger down
Let's not repeat the season, that we suffered just months ago
And give us time to heal the pain, that remains with us today

1 comment:

nanaursula said...

Like all your poems are, this is a precious write my Friend. You show loving care for those who were to suffer so terribly by those evil storms last year and the Faith in God to heal these wounds shows through as well as the great respect for Mother Nature.
May your plea be heard and no such catastrophs occur in the seasons to come! Thank you! Ursula