Wednesday, August 23, 2006

148. Turds In Hell

by Dr. Charles Frederickson - Bangkok, Thailand

Once upon Old Orleans upbeat
Beast of times underbelly exposed
Dispossessed kinfolk clinging driftwood shadows
Unfathomable depths bewailing plaintive moans

Below see level vampire netherworld
Vanquished past riptide demons surface
Metamorphic destiny born again transmigration
Grim reaper channeling hoodoo-voodoo curses

Haunted houses flooded with reflections
Pretentious claptrap spirits locked inside
Macabre ghoulish shadows attic cornered
Decomposed living dead tatty cobwebs

Loose echoes ricocheting off walls
Zip suit tarot fortunes discarded
Buoyancy coupling shamelessly with danger
Caged blue canaries spooky shut-ins

Embalmed ghosts haunting forsaken psyches
Thumping gizzards throbbing grizzly skin
In limbo “Bokor” castoff spells
Black magic dolls needling consolation

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