Thursday, October 06, 2005

96. All We Can Keep Is Hope

by Andrea Spence (age 15)

Late August, 2005 a storm stirs up in the ocean blue
It happened so fast, nobody knew

The winds strong, and bold
The humidity no longer hot, but cold

Waves as high as homes
People were scarred, all bunched up in Domes

Water flooding left to right
Saviors chanting your ok just sit tight

She calls her self Katrina, striking fear in many
Everything was gone, nothing left - not even a single penny

Some had died and got their wings
Left this world as if their feet had springs

Children crying themselves to sleep
They have no Teddies to help count the sheep

New Orleans will never forget this - nobody will
God, we only ask that You take their empty cups, and fill

What's that you ask?

Do these people have food? Water? Nope
All we must keep is Hope

hellicane category: survival


RandomPoet said...

Andrea: A nice inspirational poem from such a young mind! I'm sure it will mean a lot to those in need right now. Nice work.

shakti said...

so young
so sad
so brave