Tuesday, October 04, 2005

86. Katrina & Her Sister Rita

by Carol Vanpell - Fort Worth, Texas

Sister Katrina what have you done?
You rolled over New Orleans like Attilla the Hun

They knew you were coming, but some did not heed
And now that you're done, they wish they could leave

Your mother, Ms. Nature, your brother the sea
Both helped you destroy New Orleans

One thousand are dead and more are dying
The suffering is immense and children are crying

Although your eye was on Biloxi and Mobile
The nation's eye was our New Orleans

As your victims gathered for relief
The world watched in disbelief

Fingers pointed and searched for blame
Our enemies gloated and yelled “shame!”

Our people responded with love and care
And showed the world that we are there

Now your sister Rita follows in your wake
But you taught us lessons of precautions to take

Millions will flee your sister's path
Now they understand your Mother's wrath

hellicane category: hope


Anonymous said...

This poem was exactly what I was looking for, to use as a tribute of expression to our family members affected by Hurrican Katrina and Rita. I will use this in our family reunion book coming up in July. May God continue to inspire your heart and thoughts was such powerful messages.

Carol Vanpell said...

Thank you for the kind words. Best wishes and good luck to you and your family!