Wednesday, October 26, 2005

113. How Did It Happen? And How Will It End?

by Tricia Rinkel - Defiance, Ohio

How did it happen?

It was late August when it was reported
“Leave now! Leave now!” as houses were boarded

The city of New Orleans and surrounding areas too
Were scared and nervous – what should they do?

The warnings came again that one late afternoon
“Leave your home! Leave your home! And leave it soon!”

Big or little, rich or poor
“Go now, go now, right out your door!”

Dogs, cats, disabled and black
“Leave now, leave now – there is no time to pack!”

The prediction did seem to be somewhat insane
What was expected? A category 4 hurricane!

It would be a disaster – and this time – no one to blame
For all of the suffering, heartache and pain

Most took it seriously
And headed out fiercely

Some went North, some East and some West
Staying with family they thought would be best

Many followed the orders, demanded by State
“Report to the Superdome – you cannot afford to be late!”

This was a dome – and for days, their home
Surrounded by thousands, yet all alone

Whipping winds first blew stronger and stronger
In time they knew it wouldn’t be much longer

White-peaked waves came in harder – then higher
A disaster is tragic whether wind, water or fire

The pressure from Katrina caused the levees to break
And water rushed in, the city — a lake

Believe it or not, some people did stay
To ride out Katrina on that awful, terrible day

Reality began when Katrina reached their toes
Within minutes, it was even – right with their nose

The people were stuck with just one place to go
So they climbed to the top, it was the attic they chose
Where they hammered and chiseled their worries and woes

With such disbelief as they climbed to their roof
They opened their eyes to an instant – POOF!
Blinking, rubbing and thinking -- maybe a goof

But, no, no goof, what was it that they saw
Not a city – no – not a city at all

No buildings, no churches, no stores or stations
No homes, no restaurants or a place for a vacation

And back to the stadium, it turned into violence
As our nation stood back in awe and in silence

Looting, hurting, shooting, no doubt
Surviving, living, that’s what it’s about

Everything destroyed in Katrina’s path of destruction
That only support and love to help build new construction

Even one’s pride they choose to hide
As they bury their heads to cry inside

As they must go on with what’s on their backs
They place all they own in one small sack

Now – that is how it happened...
But now, how will it end?

Loved ones are gone, and people left bare
But no time is given for grief and despair

There is no time to sit back on your lazy chair
Let’s embrace our nation and show that we care

What can we do? Where should we start?
It doesn’t really matter, just give from the heart

If you have that desire to help and pitch in
Maybe you can start in your very own kitchen

Search high, search low
Maybe send them some “dough”

Look in, look out, you can look all around
Let’s get this message flowing through our town

Love and prayers is what we can send
And anything we find, we are willing to lend

Because working together in helping things mend
That in itself – is how it will end

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