Saturday, October 08, 2005

98. New Orleans: A Vow Can't Laugh

by Dan Cuddy - Baltimore, Maryland

wind has taken the roof
the house is a boat
the TV is out
the neighbors are logs floating away

can't laugh

gods, demons, one and the same
howling indifference
as children stare
from out of a cocoon of blankets
the auditorium restrooms have lines
and rest? there is none
and room? there is none

can't laugh

no jokes in the wind
a child turns pages of Dumbo The Flying Elephant
the Governor declares disaster
the waters of life drown the jazz

Mardi Gras?
t-shirts, naked tits, drunks, songs
Lent will be longer than 40 days, 40 nights

but we'll celebrate
we'll celebrate

like the waters will recede
we'll laugh again

tell us something funny

Hellicane category: SURVIVORS' Tales

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great combo of the joy that was New Orleans and the tragedy that has befallen that great city. Such an awesome poem - happy and sad in one!