Thursday, October 06, 2005

95. New Orleans

by Amy P. - Destin

Flooded New Orleans means
No more good rice and red beans

Fewer feet
On Bourbon street

Stuff happens to make the blues
Maybe not what we choose
Don't want to lose

All our stuff
And see the neighbors getting tough

Those who survived
Got out alive
Could drive

While superman loses his cape

Rape, murder and looting
Taxpayers shooting
Uncle Sam rooting

For the war

I mean the Gulf Coast
While drinking champagne and offering a toast

To all those cats on hot tin roofs
What more proof

Do we need
You know greed

Is starring in this arena
Executive powers co-produced, directed by Hurricane Katrina

hellicane category: political


Anonymous said...

Finally, a clever mixture of humor and intelligence to address the tradgedy in New Orleans. Bravo Amy P!


shakti said...

nice connections